Carpool to Christmas, Nicole Schubert

Teen & Young Adult

Shy, creative high school junior Quinn Hughes has always been happy following in her bubbly, brilliant older sister Cricket’s footsteps in everything from speech and track to AP classes, dance committees and carpool. But this year, Cricket’s at college and Quinn’s joyful life is falling apart. She can’t seem to shine without her helicopter sister … Read more

Mad Dash, Sage Evans


Mad Dash is the first installment in a contemporary Western romance saga. If you like witty characters, gritty storylines, intrigue, and heart-fluttering romance, then you’ll love Sage Evans’ series starter. I went to jail for my younger brother’s crime and lost everything including the woman I love. I plan to take the secret to my … Read more

The Girl and Her Noble Steed, Kirthana J Fanning

Middle Grade

Embark on a remarkable journey with an orphan girl determined to conquer a thrilling race. Overcoming obstacles with the power of prayer, she’s joined by a cantankerous farmer and his singing, dancing miniature donkey. Together, they defy the odds, showcasing the strength of faith, courage, and friendship. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable adventure that will … Read more

The Big If, Sharisse Coulter


Meet Penelope Caruso-Byrne. You may not have heard of her, but you’ve probably heard her voice. That scene from your favorite TV show that made you ugly cry? Yep, that was her on the soundtrack. She’s living the dream. Intelligent, gorgeous and making a living doing what she loves in an indie folk duo with … Read more

The Challenge of Choice, Richard Fast

Self-Help & Motivational

Have you ever made an important decision with total confidence, only to see it become a complete disaster? Or perhaps you’ve made a critical decision in haste, hoping things would work out? Why do we frequently make crucial decisions based on false confidence and wishful thinking? … because the human brain makes many time–saving assumptions … Read more