Vertical Progress, K. Oxovuieu

Civilization & Culture, NonFiction, Science NonFiction

Today people more than ever are overwhelmed by worry about current events. Why are some people devoured by hatred and bigotry? Can we avoid the next economic crisis? Can we prevent the next global war? Will computers take over our civilization any time soon? Even though Vertical Progress does not have all answers, it provides … Read more

Humans: From Nothing to Now, Brett Ashcroft Harrison

NonFiction, Science NonFiction, Spirituality & Philosophy

Humans: From Nothing to Now, offers an original and illuminating perspective on some of life’s deepest philosophical questions: How did the Universe really begin? Why am I here? What is my purpose?  Drawing on engaging personal story and original insight, supported by historical fact and the basics of modern physics, Harrison takes you on a … Read more

Love’s Story of Why We Are Here: And What We Can Do About It, Francis O’Neill

New Thought, Religion & Spirtuality, Science NonFiction, Spirituality & Philosophy

This book sets out to answer one big question about our lives, and indeed all of life on our planet. That question is: Why are we here? And also to propose, that if we know why we are here, what we can do about it. In his first book, Life and Death: Making Sense of It, the author … Read more

Humanity 2.0: The New Humanity, Charol Messenger

Civilization & Culture, NonFiction, Religion & Spirtuality, Science NonFiction, Spirituality & Philosophy

HUMANITY IS ON THE BRINK OF CHANGE. We have crossed an evolutionary threshold. HUMANITY 2.0 heralds the new paradigm and offers a unique perspective on the planetary civilization that is our destiny and how we are creating that new society individually.  No matter how things seem, no matter how much the world’s noise is like … Read more

Cyber Economics: Digital Resources are Changing the World, Antonio Belo Santos

Business & Finance, Civilization & Culture, NonFiction, Politics, Science NonFiction

This business strategy book delivers a fresh perspective of the dynamics of digital transformation. Writing for professionals and focusing on the global business leader’s point of view, António Belo Santos identifies and reviews current dynamics generating key strategic consequences for businesses emerging from the generalized adoption of digital resources by society as a whole.  Focusing … Read more

Our World is Burning: My Views on Mindful Engagement, Dr. Ian Prattis

Guidebook and Textbook, NonFiction, Science NonFiction

Dr. Ian Prattis looks at the state of our world through expert eyes and shares his views on climate change, over-development and short-term thinking that have placed our fragile planet in considerable danger – then he prescribes the actions needed to save our embattled world. Our World is Burning examines our fragile future and offers … Read more