The Aleutian Voyage: …Hang On!, Lou Marich

Action & Adventure

In 1866, America began to recover from a bloody Civil War and the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. As a campaign policy to increase his popularity, President Andrew Johnson attempts to purchase the vast territory of Alaska from the Russian Emperor, despite his troubles with Congress. An expedition is assembled to survey and explore this … Read more

The Eagle and the Dragon, a Novel of Rome and China, Lewis F. McIntyre

Action & Adventure, Historical Fiction, Politics

When Senator Aulus Aemilius Galba is tapped to lead the first Roman mission to China, he anticipates an easy path to fame and fortune. Gaius Lucullus sees a bright military future, but his reluctant centurion Antonius Aristides would rather be somewhere else. Translators Marcia Lucia and her brother Marcus were taken from their village in … Read more

Resurrection, S. Davidson

Action & Adventure, Gay & Lesbian Fiction, Military Fiction, Romance

His war has just begun.  James (Jamie) Massey has been raised in a strict military household and grew up with the sole purpose of becoming a soldier. He never imagined the heartache his choices in love and war would weigh on his soul, and when he loses everything, he can’t imagine ever being happy again. … Read more