Reclaiming Our Own, Christopher Irons

Action & Adventure, Espionage & Conspiracy

When his nephew is kidnapped, former Army Ranger Brett tries to intervene but is himself taken hostage. He and his former Ranger team find it’s part of a deeper conspiracy. Blood, mixed with dirt, is a familiar taste to him. As the dirt blends into the blood, it forms a pasty consistency that is difficult … Read more

Pledge to the Wind, the Legend of Everett Ruess, Robert Louis DeMayo

Action & Adventure, Coming of Age

Eighty years ago a young man disappeared in the Utah wilderness. A large manhunt followed, but all they turned up was his last camp and a couple burros. Pledge to the Wind, the Legend of Everett Ruess follows the adventures of Everett Ruess from his appearance in the southwest in 1931 when he was only … Read more