Avici Sagga, Mary Romasanta

Action & Adventure

Twenty-nine-year-old Emma, a highly intelligent, strong-willed, and ambitious PR exec, has always relied solely on herself. But when her recurring nightmares start taking a toll on her health, she turns to renowned psychiatrist and oneirologist, Dr. Edward Clark, a clinical professor at the University of Chicago. Emma’s nightmares all revolve around her past love interests, … Read more

Fair Winds of Deceit, B.R. Wade

Action & Adventure

October 1971. It has been four months since one of the Navy’s most prominent scientists disappeared without a trace. He left behind a top-secret submarine defense project that cannot be completed without him. He must be found. Colt, a highly decorated officer and top Naval Investigative Service (NIS) Internal Affairs investigator, is unlike any other … Read more