APEX, Tyler Michael

Action & Adventure

A camping trip gone wrong as a mysterious stranger and an ominous competition leave three friends in a race for survival. Chris, Kevin and Kate wake up in a rugged wilderness far from their planned campsite. Their gear nowhere to be found, the three friends are left to make do with nothing but a pack … Read more

Nepal One Day at a Time, Patti Shales Lefkos

Action & Adventure, Education & Teaching, Memoir & Biography, Romance, Travel & Travel Guide

A Himalayan adventure travel memoir with a humanitarian twist. About to turn sixty-eight, Patti’s life was disintegrating. Leaving behind her injured husband she packs her bags and heads to Nepal. Solo travel forces her to surmount daunting hurdles-both physical and emotional. While trekking in the forbidden kingdom of Upper Mustang she realizes her strength and … Read more

A Halloween Adventure with Jack and Ony Lantern, Sylvie Gionet

Action & Adventure

Halloween-land needs help! Someone was eating the delectable desserts in the warehouses, amongst other things. Luckily for the magical inhabitants of Halloween-land, Jack and Ony Lantern are Halloween fanatics. When a young witch named Casey arrives on Earth one night to ask for their help, they know they will be the perfect superheroes for the … Read more

Cucina Tipica, Andrew Cotto

Action & Adventure

Cucina Tipica: An Italian Adventure is the story of Jacoby Pines, a disheartened American who arrives in Italy on holiday, and decides he never wants to leave. What follows is a wine-soaked, food-filled, travel-laden adventure about one man’s quest for an antiquated existence in the modern world. Cucina Tipica a sensational adventure novel that kept me … Read more