GoldenEars: The Whispering Mountain, Jane H. Wood

Action & Adventure

Mira lay deep inside her den, nuzzling her newborn pups. As the weeks pass, the unusual appearance of two of her offspring grows more pronounced and with that, the pack’s behaviour changes. A strangeness hangs in the air, compounding the onlookers’ superstitions. As fear turns to aggression, Joel, the alpha male, is forced to assert … Read more

Maelstrom: Part I, Rip Converse

Action & Adventure, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

A sailing adventure from NE to the Caribbean turns into a nightmare In part 1 of Maelstrom. Ryan Cunningham wakes up one day and realizes that the dreams and values he’s pursued and emulated for 37 years are those of his parents and grandparents. There’s nothing wrong with them, they simply aren’t his. He sells … Read more

Reclaiming Our Own, Christopher Irons

Action & Adventure, Espionage & Conspiracy

When his nephew is kidnapped, former Army Ranger Brett tries to intervene but is himself taken hostage. He and his former Ranger team find it’s part of a deeper conspiracy. Blood, mixed with dirt, is a familiar taste to him. As the dirt blends into the blood, it forms a pasty consistency that is difficult … Read more