FiNDing Hope, Jocelyn Bystrom

Memoir & Biography

This is the remarkable story of Jocelyn Bystrom’s seven-year struggle against a rare but growing, and largely undiagnosed, involuntary health disorder known as Functional Neurological Disorder (FND), which triggered the author’s daily epileptic-like seizures, cognitive decline, thunderous headaches, and an inability to work, drive, or care properly for herself or her family. In a world … Read more

Lessons Learned: From the Short Stories of My Life, Laurie Koss

Memoir & Biography

Everyone has a story. Laurie Koss has five hundred and fifteen. In her page-turning debut book, the award-winning Canadian artist has crafted a memoir like no other. Each page of Lessons Learned is a single story concluding with a thought-provoking quote. Perfect for today’s busy lifestyle, Lessons Learned is unique because the reader can choose … Read more

No Crying in the Operating Room, Cecily Wang

Memoir & Biography

Cecily Wang wanted to become a doctor to help people in the most fundamental ways possible, only to become disillusioned with the profession during medical school and residency. It wasn’t until she went on an international relief mission to Haiti in 2006 that she found herself practicing medicine as she had originally envisioned. She was … Read more