The Path Less Chosen, Matthew Harrison

Were you a child from a broken home? Have you been in difficult relationships or been
abused? Do you struggle with addiction or ever been falsely accused and your life turned
upside down? If so, this book will help you to discover ways to overcome these challenges
and to look to the source of ultimate healing, God.
For Matthew Harrison growing up in a strong religious family, the last thing he ever
expected was to find out his parents were in a failing relationship and his life was about
to change forever. Their divorce initiated a series of events that led to Matthew feeling
unloved, unwanted, and unwilling to trust others. When his Mom remarried and his
Stepfather broke the promises he made and then abused him, Matthew felt compelled to
protect himself and his heart.
The Path Less Chosen is Matthew’s true story and how his experiences led to choices he
felt compelled to make because of unresolved hurt and pain. Growing up rarely feeling
loved and accepted, he chose not to trust in order to protect his heart. That led to him
living a double life that he hid from everyone. Eventually it came to light when he was
accused of a crime he did not commit. Facing the prospect of prison and afraid his entire
life was falling apart, he turned to God and had an experience that showed him there is
a way to heal and change.
The spiritual rebirth that took place led to Matthew taking responsibility for choices
made, and he resolved to change the behaviors that destroyed his life. His story will
inspire those who are struggling in their own lives to also seek God’s help in order to
change and overcome challenges. It also demonstrates that every choice in life matters and
leads to the path one takes. Whether you struggle with addiction, self-esteem, questions
about God, or any other problem, his story shows the way to overcome these challenges
and how to find answers. He learned with God’s help, nothing is impossible—even in a
prison environment.
The Path Less Chosen is a moving, poignant, and unforgettable memoir courtesy of the author Matthew Harrison who throughout his book narrates the story of how he overcame obstacles in his life thanks to God. The reader will be taken on an emotional journey that is incredibly moving and heart-wrenching at times but one that ultimately leaves you with a positive feeling that no matter your hardships, you can overcome them and find some form of peace thanks to God’s grace.

The Path Less Chosen is an enlightening, honest, and incredible memoir courtesy of an exceptional man. Matthew Harrison’s tale is harrowing, poignant, and memorable, and he will take his readers on an emotional journey. The result of this book is touching as well as inspiring and will inspire many readers, and so I have to implore everybody to read this impressive book as you will not regret it.

The Path Less Chosen is a phenomenal book that will introduce the reader to the narrator of the story, Matthew Harrison. Matthew throughout his book shares his life and details how his life drastically changed after his parent’s divorce in his youth. After his parent’s divorce, this caused Matthew to spiral and left him feeling unwanted and unloved and when Matthew faced abuse and deceit, it led him on a path of hurt and pain and everything came to the surface when he was accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Matthew however doesn’t dwell on his past thanks to his spiritual rebirth and love for God, who helped him to heal his wounds and overcome challenges. The reader will follow Matthew as he is brazenly honest with us readers about his upbringing that saw him face many hardships, to life in prison and the challenges this brings too, especially when he is innocent and how he learned to overcome everything thanks to God and his eternal love. All of this and more is explored throughout The Path Less Chosen and is a book that shouldn’t be missed! And this book lovers is the short premise of the incredible The Path Less Chosen.

Matthew Harrison’s story is one of the most shocking but moving stories I have ever read. Matthew’s journey was challenging, and although the events throughout this book are hard-hitting, the primary feeling associated with this book is inspiration as Matthew’s courage and determination to overcome his situation and deepen his faith in God will inspire anyone.

Matthew Harrison is an incredible man for many reasons, but one of the reasons he is so wonderful is that he brazenly shares his story to help readers and to speak his truth. I adore how Matthew did not hold back on the details of hardships, he poignantly writes about all the difficulties he has endured, and it makes for profound reading. The reader won’t be able to not admire Matthew for all that he has been through and all that he has accomplished; he indeed is an inspirational man, and I adored his book.

Overall The Path Less Chosen is an incredibly inspirational and honest tale. It takes a lot for a person to be so honest and to tell their story, so I admire Matthew Harrison for doing just this and sharing his story in the hope that he can help others as well as himself. As The Path Less Chosen is one of the most poignant tales I have ever read, I have no choice but to award this incredible book a dazzling five stars as it truly deserves it!

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