The Art of Dying, Derik Cavignano

Literature & Fiction, Murder & Crime, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

When the bizarre death of a mob foot soldier sparks an escalating war between Boston’s Irish and Italian mafia, Detective Ray Hanley’s relentless search for the truth uncovers evidence of a serial killer obsessed with the art of human suffering. As the body count rises, Detective Hanley must navigate a minefield of crime families, dirty … Read more

Angel Avenger, Tim Wickenden

Literature & Fiction, Murder & Crime, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

September 1960. In the Spandauer forest Detectives Max Becker and Bastian Döhl, from the Berlin Kriminalpolizei, find a naked, tortured man tied to a tree. A cryptic message hangs from his neck. When another body appears, Max is sure it won’t be the last. The press dub the killer, Der Waldscharfrichter (The Forest Executioner) and graphic tattoos on the bodies … Read more

Death in the Flowery Kingdom, Steven M. Roth

Historical Fiction, Literature & Fiction, Murder & Crime, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

SHANGHAI, 1935. The Most Alluring and Most Dangerous City in the World Someone is murdering flower-seller girls in Shanghai’s Flowery Kingdom. And it is police Inspector-Detective Sun-jin’s job — his obsession, in fact — to track down the killer and to  arrest him, all at great peril to himself and to the people he loves. … Read more

The Ninth Session, Deborah Serani

Literature & Fiction, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

An edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller that brings a unique mix of psychotherapy and Sign Language and Coda Culture. Just when you think you have it figured out, think again! Dr. Alicia Reese takes on a new patient. Lucas Ferro suffers with crippling anxiety, and as sessions progress, he begins to share the reasons why he’s struggling. … Read more

A Guardian Chronicle: Journal One, A. Russell

Literature & Fiction, Supernatural & Paranormal, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

When one adventure ends, it signals the start of another… Since the death of her parents, Josslyn Ward has made her career her priority. It was a logical path, practical even, but she could never shake the feeling that there is something else waiting for her. “Let Me” In a last-minute decision, she follows her … Read more

Sleep, Baby, Sleep, M.J. Hardy

Literature & Fiction, Mystery & Suspense, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

It is the 1970s in Oakland County, Michigan. For countless middle-class families working for Detroit’s booming auto industry, life is good. The Detroit suburbs were a great place to raise a family. Excellent schools, beautiful and comfortable neighborhoods with little crime. Violence against children was unthinkable…which makes the sudden abduction and murder of a local … Read more

Sanction, William Hunter

Detective & Private Investigator, Espionage & Conspiracy, Literature & Fiction, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

While in England on an unsanctioned assignment, Sean Garrett witnesses the shooting of a distinguished Cambridge professor by elite contract killer David Laurent. With his cover blown, Garrett is on the run from an assassin desperate to erase his tracks, and authorities who believe he is responsible for the murder. Banastre Montjoy, a burned-out head … Read more