Borrowed Lives, Carol McClain

Family Saga

Distraught from recent tragedy, Meredith Jaynes takes pity on a young girl who steals from her. Meredith discovers “Bean” lives in a hovel mothering her two younger sisters. The three appear to have been abandoned. With no other homes available, Social Services will separate the siblings. To keep them together, Meredith agrees to foster them … Read more

Addiction, Robert Reddic III

Family Saga

When dealing with addiction as a family, nothing is as simple as it may seem. When a family is troubled, and they can’t find a way to recover, they may resort to drugs, alcohol, sex, and other things. Addiction is something that everyone has had to deal with first hand. In this story, join the … Read more

The Sinners’ Club, D.W. Plato

Family Saga

In the town of Pleasant, one young man will challenge faith itself for the woman he loves. Gaius Stewart is handsome, smart and charismatic. Elizabeth Anderson is beautiful, selfless and caring. There’s only one problem: he’s a self-proclaimed Pagan, and she’s a devoted member of The Church of Latter Day Saints. When Gaius’ beloved mother … Read more