The Antarctic Circle: Arcania, E.E. McGill

Christian Literature

A kingdom hidden in Antarctica for over four thousand years—would you dare enter?Set in one of earth’s final frontiers, the story follows 15-year-old Evenéiel Collins after she stumbles into an ancient, post-diluvian civilization. Arcania. For four thousand years, this kingdom lay hidden beneath enormous, geodesic Domes—but has Eve brought an end to its Secrecy? The … Read more

When the Stars Align, Michelle Dykman

Christian Literature

A hapless girl, a remarkable boy and a….baby? Candice Hillman’s senior year is thrown into turmoil when she is faced with an impossible choice. One night with Brad has an unexpected consequence and her world is caving in on itself. Brad leaves her for Willow and suddenly she’s alone.Enter Jack Anson.Jack Anson lives the words … Read more

Wounded Angels: Sometimes the Only Way to Heal a Broken Heart Is Through a Wounded Soul, Chuck Miceli

Christian Literature

On a sweltering Fourth of July, the suicide of fourteen-year-old Maureen Bower’s father shatters her security. She fears that eventually, everyone she loves will abandon her. With the words, “May I have this dance,” Frank Russo introduces himself to Maureen at a roller-skating rink. As he teaches her skate dancing, she falls deeply in love … Read more