Blue Star Prophecy: Messages for a New Earth, Craig Lefebvre

New Thought & New Age, Spirituality & Philosophy

During this time of great change and uncertainty, many have been signaled to start their journey and have begun to question things. Are you looking for a sign? The sign that signifies the coming of a great new age, is the Blue Star. Many religions and cultures from around the world have foretold of great … Read more

Life Demystified: Understanding: The Secret to Success, Marc Pillay

Spirituality & Philosophy

What if you could identify the one thing that’s been causing your failures and holding back your success?What if you could see success in a new way that is actually relevant to you and your life? We set plans and take actions, because that’s what we’re told we have to do.We track and measure, perhaps … Read more

A Delightful Little Book On Aging, Stephanie Raffelock

Grief & Hardship, Spirituality & Philosophy

All around us, older women flourish in industry, entertainment, and politics. Do they know something that we don’t, or are we all just trying to figure it out? For so many of us, our hearts and minds still feel that we are twenty-something young women who can take on the world. But in our bodies, … Read more

Seeing Beyond: The Miracle of Clarity and Connection in Everyday Living, Adrien Fiorucci

Spirituality & Philosophy

If you are looking for a profound, captivating, straightforward read that promises to take you on a journey of self-discovery and purpose- look no further! Seeing Beyond: The Miracle of Clarity and Connection delivers metaphors, examples and exercises easy to digest and execute. This book lays out in a simple and clear manner the process … Read more

Who Will Hold Me?: A Single Mother’s Memoir of Self-Love, Empowerment and Freedom, Sophie Pagalday

Spirituality & Philosophy

Her marriage had to end. She’ll use the last of her strength to dig herself out of the struggle and hold her child… Sophie did everything she could to hold her family together. Married to an alcoholic, she blamed her husband for the overwhelming pressure she felt and her young daughter’s unstable and confusing childhood. … Read more

The Lion’s Wisdom: A Channeled Text Toward Awakening Human Consciousness, Uma Shankari

Spirituality & Philosophy

In this channeled text, a wise lion, distraught by the condition of the world and its people, tutors a human student about the part we all play in creating and preserving balance and harmony on Mother Earth. An exploration of the true nature of the soul and spirituality. The Lion’s Wisdom will move you to see the … Read more