Seeing Beyond: The Miracle of Clarity and Connection in Everyday Living, Adrien Fiorucci

Motivational Self-Help, NonFiction, Spirituality & Philosophy

If you are looking for a profound, captivating, straightforward read that promises to take you on a journey of self-discovery and purpose- look no further! Seeing Beyond: The Miracle of Clarity and Connection delivers metaphors, examples and exercises easy to digest and execute. This book lays out in a simple and clear manner the process … Read more

Who Will Hold Me?: A Single Mother’s Memoir of Self-Love, Empowerment and Freedom, Sophie Pagalday

NonFiction, Spirituality & Philosophy

Her marriage had to end. She’ll use the last of her strength to dig herself out of the struggle and hold her child… Sophie did everything she could to hold her family together. Married to an alcoholic, she blamed her husband for the overwhelming pressure she felt and her young daughter’s unstable and confusing childhood. … Read more

The Lion’s Wisdom: A Channeled Text Toward Awakening Human Consciousness, Uma Shankari

Literature & Fiction, Spirituality & Philosophy

In this channeled text, a wise lion, distraught by the condition of the world and its people, tutors a human student about the part we all play in creating and preserving balance and harmony on Mother Earth. An exploration of the true nature of the soul and spirituality. The Lion’s Wisdom will move you to see the … Read more

Little Girl Crying: My Life-Long Struggle with Anorexia Nervosa and the Prayer that Saved My Life, Belinda Rose

Religion & Spirtuality, Spirituality & Philosophy

I’ll bury the pain deep, deep down So deep that it can’t be found It will not see the light of day If it seeks release I’ll purge it away I’ll starve the life right out of it And lull the pain a little bit I’ll beat the pain … the anger … fear ‘Till … Read more

Searching for a Place to Call Home: A Tale About the Power of Art, Diana Stelin

Art & Photography, Spirituality & Philosophy

Through a poignant past/present narrative this heartfelt and inspiring coming of age novel explores a young woman’s integration of a work/life balance through art, and the effects of an artistic life on one’s psyche. Isabella is a young émigré from the USSR who discovers her artistic talent as a way to cope with culture shock … Read more

The Law of Attraction Game Book, Priya Khajuria

NonFiction, Spirituality & Philosophy

Manifesting consciously with the Law of Attraction requires that certain elements are in place: Decide exactly what you want Focus on what you want Respect your natural flow but take regular, effective action  Find a way to “persist through the hard times” by course correcting and getting back into alignment. We’re co-creators and life can be … Read more

Winds of Spirit, Renee Baribeau

NonFiction, Self-Help & Motivational, Spirituality & Philosophy

In Winds of Spirit, shamanic healer and podcaster Renee Baribeau shares the rich mythology and cultural significance of wind, while also presenting a powerful system to help you recognize and utilize the subtle energies in your life to heal yourself.  The Wind Work™ system relies on an ancient sacred technique used by farmers, shamans and sailors. It … Read more