Haze, Rebecca Crunden

Horror & Occult, Literature & Fiction, Supernatural & Paranormal

When Eliza Owens gets a phone call in the middle of the night from a girl she’s never met, she doesn’t know what to think. The girl introduces herself as Paige, and says she used to date Erik Stern, Eliza’s fiancé. What’s more, she has something important to discuss.  The only problem? Paige has been … Read more

Owl Manor – The Dawning, Zita Harrison

Horror & Occult, Literature & Fiction, Romance

Sometimes the tide sweeps us into a fog where dark forces are at work… All of a sudden evil and good become blurred… Powerless and defenseless, we swim toward it, and wonder if we’re going mad. Stifled by the repression of women in the 1800s, trapped in a loveless marriage, Eva lives a life of … Read more

The Curse of the Skyfolk, Jamie Rowe

Fantasy, Horror & Occult, Literature & Fiction, Magic & Sword and Sorcery

In the ashes of his fallen Empire, the vestigial Prince of the Landfolk, Zand Feralitor fights to regain his lands from the dreaded Skyfolk conquerors. He will stop at nothing to free his people from slavery and famine. But what is Zand to do if the allies he seeks prove worse than the enemies he … Read more

Seven Ghostly Spins, Patricia Bossano

Horror & Occult, Literature & Fiction

Based on harrowing legends and nightmares come true, this mind-bending collection of paranormal tales will creep under your skin and stay with you long after you have read it. Seven Ghostly Spins is a phenomenal, addictive piece of fiction that left me shocked, enthralled and astonished from start to finish. Patricia Bossano is an author … Read more

The Hatching, Ezekiel Boone

Dystopian & Post Apocalyptic, Horror & Occult, Literature & Fiction, Military Fiction, Teen & Young Adult

Deep in the jungle of Peru, where so much remains unknown, a black, skittering mass devours an American tourist whole. Thousands of miles away, an FBI agent investigates a fatal plane crash in Minneapolis and makes a gruesome discovery. Unusual seismic patterns register in a Kanpur, India earthquake lab, confounding the scientists there. During the … Read more

Dove Keeper, Emily Deibler

Horror & Occult, Literature & Fiction

Some doors are best left closed. 1918. World War I. Rennes, France. Thirteen-year-old Marcy, the executioner’s overprotected daughter, desperately craves companionship and latches onto the first person she meets after her home life becomes maddening. But when Marcy visits her mysterious friend’s manor and curiosity takes over, what terrible secrets will she discover, and can … Read more

The Suffering, Dan Mayer

Horror & Occult, Literature & Fiction, Mystery & Suspense, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

Twenty-year-old Billy Johnson is afflicted by the hollowness. All reason is lost when it has him in its grip, pushing him towards acts of unspeakable cruelty. When a hiking accident leaves him injured on an isolated mountain, facing imminent death, Billy looks for meaning in his tragic life. The hollowness, a malevolent force that consumes … Read more