Inventing Madness, J.G. Schwartz

Historical Fiction, Literature & Fiction

Inventing Madness is a fictional account of Thomas Edison’s rise to fame and fortune through the use of murder and magic. It intertwines actual dates and events that occurred during Edison’s life. The story begins when Edison is 84 years old, in 1931, and is told in a series of seven interviews conducted by a … Read more

Henry Hits the Ball, Thom Ring

Historical Fiction, Literature & Fiction

HENRY HITS THE BALL is the story of Henry Brademeier, who can hit a baseball better than anyone who’s ever played the game. And can’t tie his own shoes. When major-league scout Lou Esposito discovers Henry taking cuts with a local high school team, he initiates a great adventure for the intellectually-challenged young man, who’s … Read more

Along the Waterways, Jenni Barnett

Historical Fiction, Literature & Fiction

In the sequel to Native Companions, Gran Yan, the tree of memories, continues narrating history about the traditional landowners of Yaraan Grove, the Booran clan, named after the pelican. After a long separation from their homeland due to fire and drought, the small community returns to Yaraan Grove, where the firstborn infant in their territory … Read more

NOVUM ORBIS REGIUM: The New World Realm, W.A. Holdsworth

Historical Fiction, Literature & Fiction

476 CE. Nearly seventy years have passed since Rome abandoned Britain and war with the Saxons began. Mons Badonicus is under siege by the warlord Oesc of Kent while Arthur’s cavalry holds the high ground. After a fortnight of stalemate, a heavy mist rolls into the valley in the early morning hours and blankets the … Read more

The Witchfinder’s Sister, Beth Underdown

Historical Fiction, Literature & Fiction, Mystery & Suspense, Supernatural & Paranormal

Essex, England, 1645. With a heavy heart, Alice Hopkins returns to the small town she grew up in. Widowed, with child, and without prospects, she is forced to find refuge at the house of her younger brother, Matthew. In the five years she has been gone, the boy she knew has become a man of … Read more

Inevitable, Debra J. Falasco

Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Literature & Fiction, Romance, Romantic Suspense

A man, his castle, and the only woman he’s ever wanted. When your soul finds the one it needs, true love is…inevitable. As a young girl, Lady Machelle Winston thought Lord Adrian Ravenspur was the man of her dreams, a knight in shining armor there to rescue her from life’s unfortunate scrapes and mishaps. Coddled … Read more

The Man Dance, Leslie M. Rollins

Contemporary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Literature & Fiction

THE MAN DANCE is a three-part coming-of-age novel set in 1960s Britain. Leaving his idyllic upbringing in Cornwall, young George barely has time to adjust to London when he’s shipped off to a boarding school. There, he gets caught in a damaging relationship that shatters his confidence, even as his looks and talent for dance … Read more