The Lonely Hearts Hotel, Heather O’Neill

The Lonely Hearts Hotel is a love story with a difference. Set throughout the roaring twenties, it is a wicked fairytale of circus tricks and child prodigies, radical chorus girls, drug-addicted musicians and brooding clowns, set in an underworld whose economy hinges on the price of a kiss. It is the tale of two dreamers, abandoned … Read more

Private Cummings, Pete McGinty

A man and a boy whose lives unexpectedly connect are impacted in improbable ways. Private Hank Cummings didn’t ask for the fate that befell him during his service in WWII. Saving the lives of three men from the burning wreckage of a B-29 left him a hero, albeit scarred and disabled. But when his personal … Read more

Her: The Flame Tree, Khanh Ha

“Her: The Flame Tree is a beautiful novel, rich with evocations of natural setting in coastal Vietnam; remembered action going back more than a hundred years; and characters both extraordinary and poignantly ordinary, developed by layer upon layer of stories.”—Elizabeth Harris, award judge Her: The Flame Tree is a stunning piece of literature that enthralled, entertained, … Read more

The Will of the Gods, Ian Lancaster

The Will of the Gods trilogy is a work of historical fiction set in Pharaonic Egypt during the time of the New Kingdom. It comprises eight stories which form a continuous narrative, following the same principal characters through interconnected adventures. The stories are told in the first person by the characters involved, and span a … Read more

The Dead Florentines, Andrew Serra

At the heart of the Italian Renaissance lies the city of Florence and the dominant force of the city’s life are the trade guilds. When Lorenzo has the good fortune of securing an apprenticeship in a lucrative guild, his destiny is imperiled by the factious rivalries of a city as dangerous as it is beautiful. … Read more

Beyond Horizons, Joseph Brown

As King Pengy leads his knights and friends on an adventure to discover a world they have never encountered they find themselves engulfed into circumstances they may not be able to escape. Curiosity, fear, and turmoil consume the knights as they fight to help those who’ve helped them as well as fight a foe that … Read more