Rediscovering the Wisdom of Human Nature, Chet Shupe

Psychology & Counseling

This book was written to get us in touch with our own human nature—the inborn recipe of requirements for human wellbeing. In case you haven’t noticed, civilization wants us to follow a totally different recipe—one that keeps telling us to ignore what we feel, and act otherwise. This book tells the truth about what humans … Read more

In Me We Trust: A Discovery of Self After Sexual Trauma, Anna Gulden

Grief & Hardship, Psychology & Counseling

This memoir chronicles Anna’s recovery from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after being raped by a friend. She shares about her battles with anxiety, suicidal ideation, binge-drinking, rage, sleepless nights, nightmares, flashbacks, and more as she struggles to cope with limited support. Anna begins healing in 2014, 12 years after her trauma. She builds a support … Read more

Romance… Push the On Button!, Paul Gaughan

Psychology & Counseling

What woman doesn’t want her relationship to be romantic? With all the millions of romantic fantasy novels read every year by women, why can’t romance be transferred to real life and real relationships? Romance… Push The On Button! author, Paul Gaughan does exactly that. He bridges the gap between romantic fantasy and romantic reality. The … Read more

Panic Stations along the Bi-Polar Express, Natasha Simon & Ela Simon

Parenting & Relationships, Psychology & Counseling

Panic Stations along The Bi-Polar Express ….. continues the roller-coaster ride of mania, depression, panic and anxiety with mother and daughter. Panic Stations – Natasha’s Ride From a break-down to a break-up.From the city to the mountains.From mental illness to physical ailments.From friend to friend.From hospital to hospital.From dreaming of death to loving life and … Read more

From Abuse to Forgiveness: A Journey to Freedom, M. Lynn Mayes-Burton

Parenting & Relationships, Psychology & Counseling

How can you forgive the person you loved and trusted, but sexually abused you? What do you do when you have kept this secret for over 40 years? This is a story of a girl sexually abused at the age of seven who spent the majority of her life holding on to a secret which … Read more

The Bi-Polar Express, Ela Simon & Natasha Simon

Memoir & Biography, Psychology & Counseling

The Bi-Polar Express – Natasha’s Ride All my life I knew I was different, I didn’t fit in. I always felt I could do everything – but things never worked out for me, I’d either get depressed for no reason or be hyper-active. As you read my book, you will follow the ups and downs, … Read more

Overcome Anxiety Like a Hero: Master Your Health, Connect with Your Inner Peace, and Summon Flow, Thomas M. Wurm

Psychology & Counseling

Thomas M. Wurm has spent the last thirteen years on the frontlines as a wildland firefighter, and he knows what it feels like for fear to relentlessly course through his body.  He has personally overcome his battle with daily anxiety through blood, sweat, tears, dirt, and ash. Tom will teach you how to tap into … Read more