Fearless Wisdom, Richard A. Feller

Psychology & Counseling

Fearless Wisdom is based on the powerful principles Dr. Feller has learned and applied from his spiritual, metaphysical, business, administrative, and educational background in seven different careers in twelve different countries. He knows, from personal experience that these principles work, and he believes it is now time to share this wisdom. The book is focused … Read more

Radiant, Iris van Ooyen

Psychology & Counseling, Self-Help & Motivational

Are you struggling with your energy level? Living from weekend to weekend? Unsure why you feel the moods, energies and actions of others so deeply? You may be a sensitive soul. Being busy and tired is a disease of our time. Some people wear their exhaustion like a badge of honor. Today’s pressure for high-energy … Read more

The Success Trail, Jack Perconte

Psychology & Counseling

Very few people know how to reach their potential, overcomeself-doubt and adversity, and often win. The fact is anyone can make theirdreams come true. Will you? Former majorleague baseball player, Jack Perconte, details the mindset to “go furtherthan before” through the steps he used to reach the highest level in sportand to finish 14 marathons … Read more