The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman, Denis Thériault

Humor & Satire, Romance

Bilodo lives a solitary daily life, routinely completing his postal rounds every day and returning to his empty Montreal apartment. But he has found a way to break the cycle—Bilodo has taken to stealing people’s mail, steaming open the envelopes, and reading the letters inside. And so it is he comes across Ségolène’s letters. She … Read more

Piss & Vinegar, Sam Sumac

Humor & Satire

When the twenty-three Altoonian spaceships arrive at Earth, they not only shatter the shaky peace of the place, they thrust Vice President James Fenimore Hunter into a role he may not be ready for. While the aliens keep saying they’ve come in peace, the real reasons and the real costs are more than the vice … Read more

How to Cure Yourself of Narcissism, Seth McDonough

Humor & Satire

Narcissists live among us. (As do the self-obsessed, the conversationally incompetent, and those maniacal co-workers who purposefully spoil the movie you’re planning to see this weekend.) Interacting with such inconsiderate earthlings is exhausting. How to Cure Yourself of Narcissism is an exercise in catharsis as our author, Seth McDonough, takes you on an imaginary adventure … Read more

It’s All Good: Times and Events I’d Never Want to Change, Charles Sacchetti

Humor & Satire, Parenting & Relationships, Poetry & Essay

A lot of people can tell stories but very few can write them in a way that makes readers feel like they are part of the experience. Such is the case with IT’S ALL GOOD. The book takes both a nostalgic and more recent look at the times and events of the author’s life while … Read more