Bright Air Black, David Vann

Literature & Fiction, Murder & Crime, Myth's & Legends

In Bright Air Black, David Vann transports us to 13th century B.C. to give a nuanced and electric portrait of the life of one of ancient mythology’s most fascinating and notorious women, Medea. In brilliant poetic prose Bright Air Black brings us aboard the ship Argo for its epic return journey across the Black Sea … Read more

Pathway to Terah, B.D. Suever

Children & Picture Book, Fantasy, Literature & Fiction, Middle Grade Fiction, Mystery & Suspense, Myth's & Legends

A mysterious book leads to an adventure of a lifetime… Twelve-year-old Ethan knows it all, and if it doesn’t involve fantasy or video games, he isn’t interested. On a trip to an antique store with his father, Ethan comes across the mysterious book, Grimoricon. Unaware of the secrets this book holds, Ethan soon finds himself … Read more

Nahia, Patricia Bossano

Fantasy, Literature & Fiction, Myth's & Legends, Supernatural & Paranormal, Teen & Young Adult

A rebellious faery princess struggles with satisfying her own desires over what’s best for her loved ones. Following her heart in pursuit of the human she loves, Nahia hides her faery identity in order to enter the human dimension. After giving birth to a daughter, Nahia’s secret is revealed, as is the realization that she has … Read more

Flight of the Raven, J.R. Wilson

Children & Picture Book, Fantasy, Literature & Fiction, Myth's & Legends

WHITE RAVEN: Flight of the Raven is the beginning story in a fantasy series about a 12-year-old girl named Ava. After her family moves to a mysterious house, Ava makes a wish one night and wakes to find herself changed into a white raven. Ava discovers a curse placed on herself and her family by … Read more

The Hydro Gene, Chase Peter Josef

Fantasy, Literature & Fiction, Myth's & Legends, Science Fiction & Space Opera, Time Travel Fiction

David was sure that the most exciting thing that would ever happen to him was contacting honest-to-god aliens on his homemade subspace communicator. Too bad he died of a heart attack a second later. Then he’s resurrected.  In this contemporary fantasy, David discovers that aliens are just the beginning of what awaits him out in … Read more

Forged, N.A. Montgomery

Fantasy, Literature & Fiction, Myth's & Legends, Science Fiction & Space Opera, Teen & Young Adult

The Morrigan – Celtic Goddess of War, Fate and Death. I am a warrior and queen of the Tuatha de Danann. History writes us as a supernatural race in mythology. My name is Morrigan, but I am neither a goddess nor a myth. My people and I were spelled into a magical sleep for over … Read more

Nectar and Ambrosia, E.M. Hamill

Fantasy, Gay & Lesbian Fiction, Literature & Fiction, Myth's & Legends, Science Fiction & Space Opera

Callie, a Classics major, flees home to protect her family from a monster straight out of mythology.  Visions lead her to Nectar and Ambrosia: the weirdest pub on Earth, where inter-dimensional travelers with attention seeking issues get drunk in between the A-list celebrity lives they create. They can’t pretend to be gods anymore—not since a treaty … Read more