Thank you for visiting this page, below you will find all the information about the services I provide and frequently asked questions. If you have any questions that are not answered below, then please feel free to email me through the contact form below and email me any question(s) you may have, I am happy to answer them!

Book Reviews

Why should you choose me for a book review, especially over other book review services?

With my website Red Headed Book Lover my aim is to provide an incredible service for authors I work with, with a strong focus on writing in-depth and great reviews that boost sales and reader interaction all while providing excellent customer satisfaction. There are many reasons why I believe you should choose me for a book review and I would be happy to share the reasons with you. I am going to first bullet point my reasons for those that need to read in a rush! However, underneath my reasons will be explained in detail.

  • Cost Efficient and Fair Pricing
  • Dedicated and Fast Customer Service
  • Services Support Military Charities
  • Personalized Experience
  • Full Refund If I Can’t Award Your Book Four or Five Stars

Cost Efficient and Fair Pricing

I do not share my fee for a review on my website (only when I am discussing a book review with an author) however my fee for a review is in this figure $$. Of course, the fee can go into $$$ when more than one book review is purchased, or if a review is purchased with an author spotlight, however, this is still a low amount compared to other services. Many book reviewing service prices start at $$$ and even go to $$$$, and I believe this fee is too much, even if the company in question receives a considerable amount of visitors.

As a mother, wife and a woman who understands the need to budget and how expensive the self-publishing industry can be for authors, I try my hardest to make my fee cost-effective and a reasonable price for the high level of service I provide. I do not believe in extorting an author for my benefit, my goal with Red Headed Book Lover has always been to help authors in their journey as an author and to help them grow with a review, a spotlight and even tips and tricks that I have learned over the years. My passion has always been literature, however, my passion has grown to help authors grow, this is a passion of mine, and so I hope I can help you in your journey as an author and to succeed in the sometimes tricky world of marketing.

Dedicated and Fast Customer Service

With my services, my goal is to make sure the author is happy with the service they have purchased and has a great amount of customer satisfaction. To ensure that I provide a high level of satisfaction I make sure that I am always available to answer any questions and queries you may have or simply update you on the process.

Customer service is important to me, I have dealt with many companies who have poor customer service and it is frustrating! That is why I provide a customer service that I would like. I hate long waiting times, I hate receiving automated emails, and I hate when the person on the other end is not responsive to my questions and queries. With me you will receive excellent customer service, I reply fast, answer every question and query, and I always help you, provide advice as well as update you on how the process is going. I should mention that on Saturday’s and Sunday’s I have started to not reply to non-urgent inquiries, only if I am very busy however I always reply to urgent inquiries and try my hardest to respond to non-urgent inquires on these two days, other than that I always reply fast. If you would like to read testimonials from authors then please click this link: Testimonials. If you have a read you will read that many authors have praised me for my customer service and how I am dedicated to the author and providing a great service.

Services Support Military Charities

For those of you that do not know, my website has a strong theme of supporting military charities through wonderful books. The sales made from my affiliate links for Amazon are all donated and split between four military charities and my author spotlight service fee is also donated equally between four military charities. More information on this can be found at my Give Back To Our Wounded Heroes page.

My reason for starting my website was to share excellent books with readers all over the world, and now that my website has grown so well, I am able to support military charities through my love of books and through the books readers purchases on my website and the services authors purchase. So if you are a supporter of charities and love the military then my services will be an extra special service for you!

Personalized Experience

Red Headed Book Lover is run by only me (Aimee Ann), and I am the only reviewer and so you will be working with me; a book lover, a mother and a wife who understands the importance of communication and understanding what you would like and desire in my services. On my website I love to provide a personalized experience, I love to talk with authors and listen to what they want in my services. Some authors wish to have a larger readership, some would like a professional, high-quality review and some would like to increase the number of readers on their newsletter and so on. I love to discuss this with the author and make sure that I provide exactly what they want so that they can be happy which in turn, makes me happy!

Full Refund If I Can’t Award Your Book Four or Five Stars

On my website I do not write negative reviews, I believe that a negative review, no matter how kindly worded it may be can damage an author’s reputation, success and future sales. I personally believe that it is not fair if a reader writes a review and tells a reader not to read the book, this is unfair in my opinion because a reader could read this and not read the book, however, they could have loved the book. Just because one reader does not like the book does not mean all readers won’t so that is why I believe in only posting positive reviews. If I am hired by an author to write a book review, and I can’t award the book four or five stars, I will refund the author the full amount of the book reviewing fee because that is how firmly I believe in not posting negative reviews.

Author Spotlights

On my website I provide an author spotlight service which is an excellent tool for my readers and the author’s existing readers to learn more about the author in question. The author spotlight consists of:

  • An interview between the author and me which will include a variety of questions
  • An author biography about the author which will inform readers about them, their life and their work
  • Book preview(s) of the author’s work and links to their social media and author pages

The spotlights are a great tool, and I love writing them for authors; what is also great about the spotlight service is that the full fee is donated between four military charities. Please do click this link to read more about the charities I donate the fee to: Give Back to Our Wounded Heroes.

Repost Service – A Service for Authors Who Have Purchased a Review(s)

If an author has purchased a review they have a choice to purchase a repost for the book in question. The way the repost works is that when a small fee is paid, I will repost the book in question twice a month for one year. If the author wishes to continue this for more than one year they can purchase more than one or come back at purchase at any time. The repost option is a great option for authors who want boosted interaction all year round and can help improve existing results.

Refund Policy

Once a book review is purchased I am not able to refund the author; refunds are only given if I am not able to review the book because of unforeseen circumstances or because I am not able to award your book four or five stars.

Refunds for the author spotlights also can’t be refunded because the fee is donated to charity almost straight away.

Turn Around Time for Book Review

My turn around time for review is anywhere between three-five weeks. The time frame changes depending on the length of the book, how detailed the text is and how long it takes me to read the book and write the review. Usually, my reviews are posted within three weeks however I have to write up to five just in case an emergency happens in my personal life.

If you purchase a book review and it needs to be posted on a specific date, for example for the book launch, promotion and so on then this can be arranged. All I ask is that you let me know after the review is purchased that you let me know of the date and I will schedule it in for you.

What happens if you need the book review to be completed and posted before two weeks? If you need your book review faster than this then this can be arranged however I do have to charge a little bit more for this because it is a fast-track service.

Turn Around Time for an Author Spotlight

If an author spotlight is purchased with a book review then the author spotlight will be posted approximately one to two weeks after the date of the review going live. If the author spotlight is purchased with no book review then it will be a week, maybe two before it goes live depending on how much information is provided by the author.

How is the Payment Made and What Form of Payment Do I Accept?

I take payment in the form of PayPal as this is the safest and most secure option for the author and me. If you would like to go ahead I would send you an invoice to your PayPal account which you can pay when you would like to start and as soon as I see your payment I would email you to confirm right away. What happens if you do not use PayPal? That is not an issue, I do only accept one other form of payment, and that is an Amazon gift card.

Red Headed Book Lover Values and Beliefs

I, Aimee Ann founded Red Headed Book Lover, and my goal is to share wonderful books with readers from all over the world through book reviews. To my delight and surprise, my website grew very fast and reached a wide variety of people from all demographics and all locations. Now that I have a large following I am continually scouting to find incredible books from authors to share with my readers which in turn helps readers discover their next favorite book all while authors get the desired sales and exposure they want… it is a win-win situation! I am passionate and love author’s creativity and dedication to sharing stories with readers to delight and entertain them. Being an author is difficult and I have heard from many authors all over the world about how difficult the publishing industry can be thanks to costs and marketing, and that is why I love to help authors and help them grow.