No Mere Mortal, Amara Dey

Erotica & Sex, Supernatural & Paranormal

Peace on the enchanted world of Decagon is about to end. Radiance, its daylight realm, is on the brink of invasion from the night dwellers of Moonshade. And only human-born Venus Myles, a dance teacher unaware of her divine lineage, can stop them. Radiance sends Bolt to Earth to enlighten Venus, and their passionate connection … Read more

The Lekki Club, L. Leigh

Erotica & Sex, Romance

A closet male sexual submissive. An unexpected encounter. Can he embrace what he truly is in Nigeria. Remi Olapade is a Nigerian bachelor enjoying his time mingling with his multiple casual hookups, after the unfortunate end of his engagement to the society girl Janet. An unexpected invitation to the ultra-secretive ‘Lekki Club’ leads him to … Read more