Âmes Brisées, Ella Shawn

Erotica & Sex, Literature & Fiction, Romance, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

He’s looking for control. She’s looking for freedom. What they find are the broken pieces of each other. Since Jonathan Ellis left his hometown at the age of 17, he was considered an adult by the courts. He had wealth, intelligence, looks, and enough sexual experience to satisfy any woman he chose. The life he … Read more

The Interview: New York & Los Angeles Part 1, Sandi Lynn

Erotica & Sex, Literature & Fiction, Romance, Romantic Suspense, Women's Fiction

My name is Laurel Holloway and I’m twenty-seven years old. I moved to Seattle four years ago to pursue my dream job as a journalist for the Seattle Times and to get as far away from my dysfunctional family as possible. One of my assignments was to interview and write an article on two well-known … Read more

Can’t Let Go, Chrissy Brown

Contemporary Fiction, Erotica & Sex, Literature & Fiction, Romance

Beau She is beautiful, probably the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, but she’s damaged. Her a-hole exboyfriend broke her. I still want her. I can show her that all men aren’t the same.  That I’m different. Mallory He’s everything I need to stay away from, and I try.  I really do, but he’s relentless.  … Read more

Love Worth Making, Stephen Snyder M.D.

Erotica & Sex, Guidebook and Textbook, Health & Well Being, Medical, NonFiction, Parenting & Relationships, Psychology & Counseling

The next Mating in Captivity, this is a paradigm-shifting guide to sex and intimacy in committed, long-term relationships, from one of the nation’s top sex therapists. These are astonishing times for sex. With a click of the mouse you can find new sex positions online, buy the latest vibrator, and learn the names for sex acts your … Read more

Twisted Threads, Kaylin McFarren

Action & Adventure, Erotica & Sex, Espionage & Conspiracy, Literature & Fiction, Murder & Crime, Mystery & Suspense

Akira Hamada is driven by past failure. Two years earlier, she had a chance to kill her greatest enemy–Kaito Mitsui. Instead, the Yakuza boss forced her to become an assassin in his employ. Now Akira carries out the bloody business of the notorious crime syndicate and hates herself more each day.  When Mitsui hears that … Read more

A Brush with Fate, Sila Long

African American Fiction, Erotica & Sex, Literature & Fiction, Mystery & Suspense, Romance, Women's Fiction

Brook Jacobson is on a mission to live her life on new terms after being consumed with grief in the complicated aftermath of her husband’s murder. She never imagined that fate would catapult her into the surreal world of Isaac Coles, mega film star. Isaac is captivated by Brook’s intellect, beauty, warmth, her strength of … Read more

Entrance, J.J. Sorel

Erotica & Sex, Literature & Fiction, Military Fiction, Mystery & Suspense, Romance

Clarissa Moone’s a smart, quirky art history grad with an almost unhealthy obsession for vintage clothes. When she lands a job working for the enigmatic Aidan Thornhill, she doesn’t quite know what to expect–but certainly not romance.   Aidan is a self-made billionaire whose early life is shrouded in mystery. Fleeing a scandal, he joined the … Read more