The [New] New Patriotism, Jennifer Blackburn

Civilization & Culture

“The [New] New Patriotism” takes the reader on a journey of American history, circumstance, and perspective. Stunning events of early 2020 provide context for an American culture that has required redirection for decades. Our society is slowly abdicating liberty to the very outlets promoting fear and division. Explore the dark truths of racism Americans have … Read more

Thriving While Black, Cori Jamal Williams

Civilization & Culture

“Thriving While Black” sets out to explore the psychological and emotional consequences of being Black in corporate America. “Ain’t I an American?” the famous words of Langston Hughes, is a question every Black person unwittingly asks themselves. The playing field for Whites and Blacks is not equal, whether in education, science and technology, life expectancy, earning, or social strata. … Read more

Womenemies: And How to Eliminate Them, Marilena Fallaris

Civilization & Culture

WOMENEMIES: And How to Eliminate Them identifies and discusses the common ways women can be enemies, or womenemies, to each other and sets guidelines to eliminate their existence.  The goal of the book is to support and uplift our fellow women! Womenemies should be read for yourself, your mother, your wife, your friend, your daughter, your female … Read more