Kathryn Kelly: The Moll Behind Machine Gun Kelly, Barbara Casey

Civilization & Culture, Memoir & Biography, NonFiction

Kathryn Kelly: The Moll Behind Machine Gun Kelly is a biography of the woman who made a career of crime. With a lust for danger, she masterminded the crimes that took her and her husband, and others who included her own mother and stepfather, on a spree across Minnesota, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Texas. Starting with smaller … Read more

Express Exec, Gary Brose

Business & Finance, Civilization & Culture, Literature & Fiction

Are you a business owner or a manager faced with having to create a great deal of change within your organization? Then you need to know how and Express Exec addresses that issue head on. The pace of change is escalating and running your business so that it remains relevant and you keep pace with … Read more

Culture Infusion, Kerry Alison Wekelo

Business & Finance, Civilization & Culture, NonFiction

Culture Infusion is your guide for improving corporate culture and motivating your employees to perform at their highest capacity. Culture Infusion is for leaders and aspiring leaders who want to build a legacy, shift perspectives, and lead by example so others are inspired and driven to be their best selves. Whether you are a top-level … Read more

Vertical Progress, K. Oxovuieu

Civilization & Culture, NonFiction, Science NonFiction

Today people more than ever are overwhelmed by worry about current events. Why are some people devoured by hatred and bigotry? Can we avoid the next economic crisis? Can we prevent the next global war? Will computers take over our civilization any time soon? Even though Vertical Progress does not have all answers, it provides … Read more

The Stepford Employee Fallacy, Jonathan D. Villaire

Business & Finance, Civilization & Culture, NonFiction

Employee engagement has become the hot topic in business circles over the past several years. Although many leaders have a basic understanding of what it is and how it affects business outcomes, they rely on a set of faulty assumptions about how to create an engaged workforce. These assumptions—mostly carry overs from an old-school management … Read more

Flower Dog Man, Kirk Abner

Civilization & Culture, NonFiction, Parenting & Relationships, Psychology & Counseling, Self-Help & Motivational

Nicolas Copernicus rocked the world in 1543 with his realization that the earth was not the center of the universe. The discovery was especially startling because his pronouncement shattered beliefs, beliefs long held by institutions and individuals the world over. Flower Dog Man can have that same impact as the latest instrument to sever fiction … Read more

Older Brother The Other, Peter Koren

Christian Living & Devotional, Civilization & Culture, New Thought, NonFiction, Religion & Spirtuality, Spirituality & Philosophy

We have heard about the prodigal brother, but tell us more about the older brother who is known as the other brother in this continuing story.   In our world today there are ongoing tensions, divisions, resulting from differences in philosophy, culture, beliefs, backgrounds in left and right points of view. What policy will work … Read more