Oh, The Things I Can Be When I See Me, Valerie J. Lewis Coleman

Baby & Toddler Fiction, Children & Picture Book, Literature & Fiction

Astronaut. Ballerina. Chef. Doctor. What do you want to be?Samara and Lyric are cousins who love to visit their grandmother, MeMe. The girls talk about all the wonderful things they want to be. Their self-esteem and confidence grow as they learn about women who have done what they hope to do.Oh, The Things I Can … Read more

Davy’s Pirate Ship Adventure, Danual Berkley

Children & Picture Book, Literature & Fiction

Davy’s Pirate Ship Adventure is a children’s book with a twist. The guardian of earth, an alien kid that goes by the name of Pip Squeak gives Davy the ability to create magical things. Davy builds a magical pirate ship so he and his family can search for gold, but no adventure ever goes as … Read more

Odie Explores: A Paw Smart Book, D.S. Provance

Children & Picture Book, Literature & Fiction, Middle Grade Fiction

Kid-tested, Story Monsters Approved! Ask Odie if he wants to go outside and he runs to the door. To him, inside is for naps. Written from a dog’s perspective, this lighthearted book teaches children why the outdoors are interesting. It gives quirky facts about common and overlooked animals, plants, and insects. Features:Engaging color photographsFirst person … Read more

Worry Moves On, Liz Haske

Children & Picture Book, Literature & Fiction

School is Sophia’s happy place. More than anything she loves to puzzle with numbers and explore how things work. Learning is practically her middle name. But when Worry shows up, Sophia gets so tangled with fear that she is no longer willing to make a mistake. Join Sophia as she finds Courage in an unexpected … Read more

What I Tell Myself FIRST: Children’s Real-World Affirmations of Self Esteem, Michael Brown

Children & Picture Book, Literature & Fiction

Written by a US military veteran, this children’s book, based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, will instill in children the answer to bullying, body-shaming, hate, and attacks on the self through daily affirmations. Author Mike Brown has learned many life lessons and hopes to convey some of those lessons acquired from public and private service … Read more

The Angry Dragon, Michael Gordon

Children & Picture Book, Literature & Fiction

Why Dragons So Angry? Despite our best efforts, reality doesn’t always meet our expectations. There is no need to be upset or mad. * Anger can be a positive emotion when it helps kids work through issues or problems* Help kids learn how to manage their anger in safe and healthy ways* Teach your kids to deal with disappointment * Being angry doesn’t make you bad … Read more

Meet Odie (A Paw Smart Book), D.S. Provance

Children & Picture Book, Literature & Fiction

Written from a dog’s perspective, this lighthearted, interactive book teaches young children about dogs. Odie describes his physical traits, behaviors, apparel, adventures, and other insightful facts about dogs and other animals. Features:Engaging color photographsFirst person (dog) voiceConversational tone (you and me)Friendly educational messagesChild-centric glossary Takeaways:Starts conversationsHelps children better understand dogsPromotes enjoying dogs, nature, and exerciseEncourages … Read more