Yell and Shout, Cry and Pout, Peggy Tietz

Children & Picture Book, Guidebook and Textbook, NonFiction, Parenting & Relationships, Psychology & Counseling, Self-Help & Motivational

Yell and Shout, Cry and Pout: A Kid’s Guide to Feelings is an essential guidebook for adults in helping children identify and understand their emotions. Each of the eight emotions is clearly defined thorough vignettes and illustrations, keeping both adult and child captivated, thus creating an opportune time for discussion. By recognizing that all humans … Read more

The Elf Who Didn’t Like Christmas, Jessie L. Best

Children & Picture Book, Literature & Fiction, Middle Grade Fiction

It was a lonely trek through a howling blizzard!  Feeling left out of Santa’s busy preparations for Christmas, Ralph, Santa’s smallest elf, decides to run away from his very first Christmas at Santa’s. When he packs his suitcase and leaves, he finds himself running right into a terrific snowstorm! This is the tale of Ralph’s … Read more

More than a hutch, Kim Montgomery

Children & Picture Book, Fantasy, Literature & Fiction, Middle Grade Fiction

More than a hutch is the autobiography of a pet rabbit. Robbie Bobtail is destined for a life of solitude, restriction, and extreme boredom, relieved only by the antics of the two young brothers who own him. Then, a wild rabbit unexpectedly appears in the garden. Sunshine is a female rabbit, one of a select … Read more

Posthumous, Paul Aertker

Action & Adventure, Children & Picture Book, Coming of Age, Contemporary Fiction, Family Saga, Literature & Fiction, Teen & Young Adult

Friendship, perseverance, and the power of belief shine in this novel about a girl trying to stay connected to her late mother. While living in Paris, Ellie Kerr’s mom penned a series of children’s stories, yet sadly died before they could be published. Once Ellie and her father return to the US, the twelve-year-old decides … Read more

Dee and Deb, Off They Go, Donna M. McDine

Children & Picture Book, Literature & Fiction

The anxiety of finding one’s own place and friends in kindergarten without the comfort of having her fraternal twin sister nearby at first overwhelms Dee until she realizes even without her twin sister, Dee and her classmates for the most part are in the same boat. Book lovers I am obsessed, I am obsessed with … Read more

The Puzzle of the Two-Headed Dragon, Christine E. Schulze

Children & Picture Book, Literature & Fiction

Three sisters. A two-headed dragon. Aliens, fairies, and genies—oh my! Diona, Nixie, and Brook love each other, but their fighting is out of control. One day, their bickering gets them lost in the woods, where they are each given a special task: find a way to make the Weeping Two-Headed Dragon happy again. If they … Read more

When the Cat’s Away, Donna Gibbs

Children & Picture Book, Literature & Fiction, Middle Grade Fiction

When The Cat’s Away, a picture book for young children, is set in Paris. A family of mice move into their new home beneath the Cafe des Chats. Gussie and her twin brother, Pierre, are keen to explore their new surroundings. It is not long before Pierre’s nose for adventure puts his life at risk … Read more