Ethan’s Healthy Mind Express, Emily Lane Waszak & Erik Bean

Children & Picture Book, Education & Teaching

The Healthy Mind Express is the First Children’s Mental Health Primer. It was created to take readers on a journey that will promote better mental health. Its lessons teach us how to accept Atypicals in our culture and embrace meeting their needs. Atypicals (neurodiverse) are the fastest growing demographic within the U.S. educational system. Come … Read more

Beatrice On Her Own (Far and Away), Rosemary Zibart

Children & Picture Book

Having fled the dreadful blitz in London and landed in sunny Santa Fe, New Mexico, Beatrice Agatha Sims has learned to appreciate a radically different culture and landscape. Her world is rocked again with news of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. First, she must contend with losing her American host, the sensible “Clem” – a … Read more