We Can Do Anything, Daniel Gershkovitz

Children & Picture Book

Through five short stories written in rhyme, We Can Do Anything! Stories for Brave Little Kids illustrates the values of true friendship, the acceptance of others, the harm caused by prejudice, the virtue of admitting ones mistakes, and the unconditional love of caring parents. At the end of each story (in the e-book version) the kids will find … Read more

Family Fun Day: Away with Anxiety!, Eleanor Wint

Children & Picture Book

Anger, Fear And all those terrible things!! Let Them GOoooooo!!! Family & Friends are here, as Family Fun Day falls on Thanksgiving Day in Canada  this year for Tweet Tweet and they’re having a great time. It’s all about self-confidence.  Broken Wing Bye Bye………. I Can Fly Family Fun Day: Away with Anxiety! is a wonderful, inspiring, and … Read more