A Christmas Love Story, Maureen McCabe

Children & Picture Book

The story of two engaging Christmas tree ornaments: Nicholas Nutcracker, a retired toy-soldier from a small village in Germany, and Brittany Ballerina, a world-renowned ornament ballet dancer, are both in search of their true love. “I will find my true love with ‘word-of-mouth marketing!’” exclaims Nicholas determined to find his true love this Christmas. Or, … Read more

The Munchkins, Candice Zee

Children & Picture Book

Thirteen extraordinary children with mysterious powers. Their loving and protective father. And a sociopathic neighbor who knows them better than they know themselves. When Capricorn Munch and her twelve siblings appear outside a children’s home, no one, including themselves, knows who they are or where they came from. At ten years old they stop aging, … Read more

Little Lucy & Her Little White Lies, Leigha Huggins

Children & Picture Book

Encourage honesty in your child! Why do children lie? To avoid getting in trouble, of course! Children need to feel comfortable and safe to tell their parents if they did something wrong, and it’s parents’ responsibility to ensure the trust is established, and that honesty is always rewarded. Little Lucy has a secret that she’s … Read more