Hi Authors! Thank you so much for visiting my testimonial page, below you will find testimonials from authors I have previously worked with. The testimonials on this page and not in the comment section, are from before I asked authors to post their testimonials in the comments. However, testimonials will now be posted directly in the comments by the author. I hope you enjoy reading them and if you might be interested in my services then please feel free to email me in the contact form below and I will reply as quick as I can which is usually a few hours!

Featured Testimonial of the Month

Kimberly C. Miller, Author of Adelaide’s Song

“When Aimee Ann contacted me by email expressing an interest in reviewing my first book, Adelaide’s Song, I was hesitant. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I took a chance and replied to her email, and I am so glad I did. Working with Aimee has been an absolute delight! She is thorough and professional and very gifted at writing book reviews. It is obvious from the first glance at her website that she is a passionate lover of books, and it shows in every review she does. I was blessed by the gracious review she did of my own book, and I would not hesitate to work with her again on the next one! Especially as I saw a spike in sales since her review of Adelaide’s Song went live!

Notable Testimonials

J.J. Sorel, Author of Entrance

“Since having my contemporary romance novel, Entrance, reviewed by AimeeI have seen an increase in salesI must say,I’ve had a few reviews, and despite being positive, I haven’t enjoyed many sales from them. But this has genuinely delivered.Thanks a million, Aimee, your review put a smile on my face. I love writing but lack self-confidence. So any encouraging words go a long way. With Kind regards, J. J. Sorel.”




Lewis F. McIntyre, Author of The Eagle and the Dragon

“Aimee Ann contacted me out of the blue by e-mail, and I wasinitially skepticalof such cold contacts. I checked out her website reviews, did a couple of checks, and decided to give her a chance to review The Eagle and the Dragon.” She was extremely professional throughout all of our contacts by e-mail, and I felt I came to know her as a person, not only her but her whole familyShe published an excellent review of the book, taking about a month with the 550-page behemoth, my first professional review since publication a year ago. She captured the complexity and drama of my book in its entirety. I am pleased to recommend her to all authors,for reviews are the lifeblood of the writing business. Though her review has been out just a week, there is a perceptible increase in salesThanks, Aimee, it was a pleasure!




J.A. Anderson, Author of Rogue Waves

“After the encouragement of a few close friends who I allowed to read my recently completed novel “Rogue Waves”, I finally worked up enough courage to submit it in a writing contest on’s platform in hopes of getting my novel published. So when I received Aimee Ann’s initial email about reviewing my novel, I have to admit I was quite skeptical. My initial thought was why would someone, who obviously has read tons of books and written many a review, for actual published and popular authors, want to review my novel which isn’t even published yetand has only been on’s platform for approximately five and a-half months.

Like any good sleuth, I immediately went to to the Red Headed Book Lover blog and started reading Aimee Ann’s reviews and the testimonials left on her site. To be quite honest I was immediately impressed by both her writing and all the testimonialsand quite frankly honored that she would even reach out to me knowing my novel wasn’t “main stream” yet. So, I emailed her back to get more information and find out exactly what I would be getting into.

After Aimee Ann’s second email, which outlined the process, exactly what she could do for me and what she would need in order to begin her review of my novel, I felt as though I had known her forever. Not only were her emails professional and informative but Aimee Ann was able to make the process so easy.I could immediately tell that she wasn’t just some anonymous figurehead looking to “make a quick buck”and who you may or may not get a product back from. Aimee Ann was able to convey through her many emails to me, herkind heart and soul and that she truly cared, not only about her work but also about the person she was preparing the review for. Never once did I feel pressured, and any time I had a question or thought she was quick to respond.She made me feel as if I was her only priorityat the moment (and we all know that couldn’t be true with having four children, a husband, a household and a business to take care of all at the same time).

As soon as I read her email advising me she had posted my review, I couldn’t get home fast enough, as I was so excited and eager to read it! And once I did all I could come up with was WOW! I am truly honored Aimee Ann thought my novel was incredible and my writing was stellar. Her words not mine. I have been writing for years but this is my first time at trying to get a book published and to be truthful I was really afraid it wouldn’t be good enough for “main stream”. Since reading Aimee Ann’s review and hoping many others will too, I am actually starting to honestly believe that I have a real shot at getting my novel ‘Rogue Waves’ published!

Aimee Ann’s review of my novel was nothing short of amazing, if I may say so myself! Her comment in her review of my novel “As I am a huge lover of this book and adore the author’s superb talent, I have no choice but to award this stunning piece of literature a dazzling Five Stars as it is simply incredible” left me in both shock and awe. She has helped to boost my self-confidenceand I truly thank her for that. Again, knowing that Aimee Ann has read a ton of books and only writes reviews on those which she can review on a positive note is even more encouraging to me. I have always had the dream of having my works published and now, after her incredible review, I feel it is not just a dream, but it will actually happen.

Even though I have never met Aimee Ann in person, and probably never will, I feel as though I have known her for years and can tell her anything. She is truly a warm and kindhearted person and that is super rare in this day and age!

If you are in the need of having your novel or book reviewed, regardless if you are an established author or just starting out like myself, I would highly recommend you using Aimee Ann’s services and reading her blog often. Not only do I love to write but like so many other authors out there I love to read and discover new authors. Her blog is GREAT for that!

Thank you ever so much Aimee Ann for your time, consideration and review of my work! It is appreciated more than you will ever know.You have given me the courage and confidence to continue with my efforts and I now feel that with your help and the help of your followers my dream of becoming a published author will finally come true! You are a blessing in disguise and I can’t thank you enough!”

S. Davidson, Author of Resurrection

Aimee, when you first contacted me out of the blue, offering to review my novel, “Resurrection”, I wassure it was a scam. However, going on gut instinct, I replied to your email and never expected a reply. Slowly, we started an exchange and boy, I am so happy I took the risk! You have turned out to be a beautiful person, with agenuine interest in a writer’s work.

Today, I get another email from you, telling me the review was live. You have left me in tears. I have been sitting here all day trying to find the energy to write and your review has brought me back to what I love.Thank you so much and I really appreciate how in depth your review was because boy, I understand PTSD quite well and I’m glad it shows. There is nothing I can say negative and I am just so utterly grateful that you contacted me and gave me what I’ve been missing – a reason to write. So, thank you for your kind words and for supporting authors. These days, not many people do.”

“I discovered the RedheadedBooklover through WordPress and was very impressed by Aimee Ann’s articulate and well-designed website. I decided to email her after seeing that she has a lot of followers and so I emailed her a submission for a book I recently self-published on Amazon; I was curious if my genre and story interested her to do a book review. Aimee Ann responded promptly expressing her enthusiasm in reading my book and I quickly got a copy in her hand. Two weeks after she received my book I was sent a link to her posted review at RedheadedBooklover. I was shocked by how promptly she read and reviewed my book and was very pleased when I also saw that she linked all of my social media sites as well as a preview and link to buy my book. Since Aimee Ann’s review has been posted I have seen an increase in sales and have already made my money back and more. Aimee Ann’s review and analysis was in-depth, honest and very thorough and I am beyond pleased with her review. After spending 6 and a half years writing my story about a very emotional time for me personally, and which changed my life forever; I deeply appreciate her comprehension, compassion, and empathy for my writing. Aimee Ann is quite the literacy aficionado and a source I will always reference in the future.” – M.L.

“Aimee Ann is a kind and considerate woman who was a pleasure to work with. From the start she was quick to reply and understood that being a self-published author is difficult. She was understanding and listened to me when I discussed my thoughts and feelings with her and I admire this. Aimee Ann was a pleasure to work with because she was so responsive, I have had my book reviewed by a big book reviewing company but found the experience was impersonal. However with Aimee Ann I found that it was a very personal experience as she listened to me and discussed the struggles of self – publishing. She talked with me at length about how she could help me grow and it was a great and pleasant experience. I adored working with Aimee Ann because like me she is a hardworking mother who wants the best for her family. I would recommend Aimee Ann for a book review because I have already seen a big increase in book sales and a boost in newsletter subscriptions which is important to me. I am proud to call Aimee Ann my friend now and think highly of her.” – S.K.

“Aimee Ann… just saying her name brings a smile to my face. I had no idea who this woman was (and still, in a sense, don’t). But I do know this: in dealing with her to review my book, she has been a perfectly gracious, responsive and earnest literary angel. Her praise for my book, of course, was flattering but in that praise, she posited a deeper understanding of the story and, more than flattery, it made me feel that I had accomplished something worthy of being read and enjoyed. Aimee Ann has that ability to lift one’s spirit and to affirm that all the labor of writing has had a worthwhile purpose.Yes, I would readily use her services again and would recommend her to any author with a novel to be read. And did I mention that the Redheadedbooklover blogsite is stunning..? She is an author’s friend.” – K.L. 

“Dear Readers! Aimee Ann is the amazing reviewer of . To begin with, her site offers many wonderful and in-depth reviews of the works of some of our favorite authors!  Whether you are a writer, wanting a frank assessment of your newest work or an avid reader looking for a fascinating new book to read, her website is the place to go. Or, if you’re like me and you love to write AND read, it’s an ideal place to find what you’re looking for. Without cutting corners, Aimee Ann reads carefully and her reviews are thoughtful, informative and fun to read!  I highly recommend Aimee Ann as a reviewer and as a go-to site for great novels!” – T.L.M.

Reviews are an author’s lifeblood. Nowadays, with ever more books being published every day, it becomes more and more difficult to break through the competition. I was seeking reviews for my newly released novel when I received a lovely email from Aimee Ann. When I got in touch with her, I discovered it was not the new release she was interested in but a book from my backlist. I was thrilled. Aimee told me that the book was just the genre she was looking for. When I told her it was the first book in a series, she did not hesitate, but jumped right in, agreeing to review all three. When my newest novella came out, a continuation of the series, she was immediately onboard.

My experience with her was exceptional. She is insightful, unfailingly polite, easy to work with, honest, and efficient.” If she is going to be late for any reason, she will let you know. Her website is eye-catching and informative; her taste in books well-rounded; and she has a large and loyal following. I would absolutely recommend Aimee to any author looking for an honest, in-depth analysis of your work as well as placement on an ever-growing and delightful blog.” – L.P.

“Aimee contacted me in reference to information about her book reviewing services, and her interest in working with me. We exchanged emails as I asked for additional information and had questions. I could sense her genuine heart, and how much she truly cared. I was impressed at how quickly she read and reviewed my book. Her review was beautifully written, and felt inspiring. She did such a great job that she made me want to buy my own book. LOL I definitely recommend her to other authors for reviews of their books. Aimee will take great care of you!” – M.B.

Excerpt from email with author “You just brought me to tears. Your words mean so very much to me. Your review of my two books made me want to read them again! I am extremely blessed that our paths crossed, and I am so thankful for your beautiful reviews and words. Keep doing what you are doing!! I’m amazed at your gift.”  – C.C.

“For me, Aimee Ann is truly an angel fallen from the sky! She appeared out of nowhere without me asking her for a book review. She sent me an email one day describing me as a talented writer and how fascinated she was in reading my book. I loved the email and without thinking it twice, I accepted her book review request. Her book review was very detailed and nice. Her book reviews increase book sales and reader awareness.” – F.S.

“As an author, I know firsthand the importance of reviews by competent book bloggers. I discovered the Red Headed Book Lover when searching book reviewers and bloggers of thrillers. Aimee walked me through the process of submitting my latest title and stayed in frequent and detailed communication. She was always professional and courteous, and at the conclusion of her post she provided helpful links to my book, sample chapters, buy links, and social media contact information. I couldn’t be happier with her post, and recommend any publicity-seeking author check out her site as well.” – D.E.

“Aimee Ann contacted me out of the blue wanting to review my book. As a brand new author, I was ecstatic but very cautious about being scammed. We exchanged several emails where I was won over by her genuine passion for books and sweet personality. I gave it a try and I am so glad I did! Not only was she a joy to work with and very responsive, she also wrote an amazing review. The review was thorough, heartfelt and just what I needed. I feel like she really delved into the heart of the story and captured all of the elements in her review. Thanks so much!”  – T.L.C.

What I appreciate about Aimee’s blog is the way her authentic, joyful, positive personality shines through her writing; I appreciate her passion for literature and her desire to promote “quality writing.” I am deeply grateful for her heartfelt review of my book in which she connected with my own experience as a counselor and understood, so well, my reasons for writing this book. Her review has been most helpful in my marketing efforts-I since posted it on my website and will continue to reference it in future advertising. Aimee is such a pleasure to interact with and always answers all inquiries promptly. I wish her blog much success.” – B.Z.

“Working with Aimee Ann is like getting a breath of fresh air! She is so positive, always provides details in her communications, and makes an author feel as though his/her work really matters to her. She is genuine, and her follow-through backs up what she promisesMy experience working with her was very enjoyable, and I will recommend her to others.” – C.M. 

“As a hardworking class American, I struggled for years at completing my writing project and marketing it effectively. In my naivete, I got cheated and scammed by even the mediocre of wolves preying on inspiring authors. After all these years, I encountered Aimee Ann and decided that I would try one last attempt to market my book. This was the best decision I ever made. Finally, I have seen an increase in sales and finally I have got my moneys worth so please, if you are looking to promote your book then Aimee Ann can be trusted, you will be in safe hands.” – G.D.

Excerpt from email with author “Thank you so much for your kind and enthusiastic review. I am so glad that you enjoyed it and found it worth the effort to read. I have already seen that your readers have taken your advice and give this book a try because I have already had a number of sales. They all owe you a debt of gratitude for so regularly and enthusiastically wading out into the sea of books to help them decide how to spend their leisure reading time. I just finished my next book and I will be sure to enlist your services again. Thank you.” – O.T.

“Aimee Ann, the Redheaded Book Lover, gave my novel an honest, fair, accurate — and enthusiastic! — review that I found very valuable and very gratifying indeed! She has an acute eye and an appreciation for good writing that isn’t common among book bloggers, especially in the genre where I live (historical/Biblical fiction). I’m grateful for her support and encouragement, and I’d recommend her to my fellow writers without hesitation! I’ve always been a sucker for redheads, anyway — but now I have good reason! Thanks, Aimee Ann!” – C.N. 

“Aimee’s reviews leave no stone unturned and capture the mood and the real substance of the book without giving anything away to the readers. She is careful not to reveal any plot twists but carefully describes writing style and impresses the feel of the story on the reader. As an author I can say that I am pleased with the Red Headed Book Reviewer! – E.P.

Aimee is a true professional and a joy to work with! It is obvious from her reviews that she truly loves to read and has a keen ability to communicate with her readers. Aimee answered all of my questions and put me at ease early on. She is very fast and was able to read and review my book in two short week. Although fast, she is also very thorough and was able to effectively communicate the themes and strategies outlined in my book. I would highly recommend her services.” – A.P.

“It’s always nice when a writer finds someone who’s willing to review their work who actually reads the entire work rather than merely skimming over the pages.It’s even more of a compliment when that reviewer grasps what the author was trying to convey in their story, and Aimee clearly did that. Thank you so much for your kind and thorough review Aimee Ann.” – K.R.M.

Excerpt from email with author “I have to say, I am blown away by the review. Thank you so much for the kind words and I really am glad you enjoyed it. Yes, you definitely did my novel justice – more than I would’ve ever expected and I am surprised by your fast turnaround time. I have noticed a huge amount of interaction on Kindle Unlimited so thank you” – J.C.

Meeting and dealing with Aimee has been such a pleasant surprise. I was totally taken by surprise when she initially contacted me to ask about reviewing my self-published book. Since I continually have “marketing” calls from self-publishing houses asking for me to pay them money for various promotions, I was a bit nervous. However, her straightforward answers to ALL my questions quickly put me at ease. I was very happy with her review and the fact that she honestly seemed to LOVE my book.  If you’re contemplating using Aimee to review your book….jump on the opportunity!” – K.P.

“Aimee Ann is there every step of the way. She has the charm of someone who makes one feel like she’s a long time friend. She’s quick to respond to questions and is receptive to an author’s requests. I’ll most certainly ask her to review my upcoming work.” – F.L.L.

“Aimee Ann is a delight to work with–thoughtful and positive in her outlook on life, intelligent and a true lover of books, open to a variety of reading experiences. My favorite kinds of folks wrapped up in one lovely lady!” – J.B.

“I am blushing! Aimee Ann is a wonderful writer who has written an excellent review of my book which I worked very hard on over a four year period. Her words have inspired me to continue to pursue my dream and has given me confidence in my work. It is so brilliant to read when your work has touched somebody so I was touched when I read Aimee Ann’s review. What is even better is that since Aimee Ann’s review has been live I have seen an increase in readers and have had more reviews from other readers! Aimee Ann’s reach is wide and far-spread and I would recommend her for all your book reviewing needs!” – W.C.

“What is it I love about Aimee Ann’s (RedHeadedBookLoverBlog), professional book review? Everything! As a businesswoman, I found her to be concise, kind and extremely good at what she does. Having had a poor experience last year with a book marketing company, I checked out her blog very carefully. I could find nothing but good stuff.  I felt especially impressed to learn that she does not post negative reviews (so not to shame anyone). That alone was a big smile for me. I appreciated her honest and candid review of my book. Of course, I am thrilled beyond words that she loved my book. I thank Aimee Ann very much for her excellent work ethics, her simple book review process, and her easy-to-get-along-with personality. I look forward to working with her again in the future. I highly recommend Aimee Ann for your book review!” – K.S

Excerpt from email with author “Wow…..That’s all I have to say. Oh, and thank you. You did a really incredible job. So professionally written but at the same time, it is like a friend is telling you. You really did a good job of covering the basics with little hints and not exposing too much of the plot to grasp the attention of your website viewers.” – J.D.

“Aimee Ann of the Redheaded Book Lover Blog was a dream to work with! She’s professional, courteous, follows through with exactly what she promisesand wrote the loveliest review for my latest release.  I highly recommend her review service.” – S.H.

“I really appreciate Aimee Ann’s thought-provoking and professional critique of my work. It is well written and concise and tells the reader what to expect from reading the book without giving away the surprises. I recommend her reviews to anyone who has written a book that looking for an honest and concise review of their work. Thank you, Aimee Ann.” – M.S.

“Aimee Ann delivers thorough reviews at an incredible turnaround time, replies promptly to emails and questions, and maintains an all-around professional approach – all with enormous, wholehearted enthusiasm. It’s an absolute pleasure working with her!” – C.C.

Excerpt from email with author “Wow! Your review has touched me, the tears are streaming down my cheeks as I write this. Thank you so much. Authors must now about the wonderful service you provide so I will be sharing my review and your website far and wide! Thank you” – M.R.

Excerpt from email with author “Many thanks for your wonderful and effusive book review. I am so thrilled and glad you enjoyed it. It is always lovely when a reader connects with your book. It has been a pleasure to work with you and I will be recommending your service to all of my reader friends. I am shocked by how much of a boost in sales I have seen already so I thank you immensely.” – D.S.

“Aimee Ann was wonderful to work with. She completed my spotlight in a timely manner, and she was always available if I had any questions. I look forward to working with her again in the future. I highly recommend her services!” – M.S.

“Aimee reached out to me asking if she can review my book because it caught her attention. I agreed and was delighted to see the review of my book posted on her blog. She pointed out the unconventional style of my book and described how the book is a great read for kids. Aimee was easy to work with and answered all emails. I really appreciate that she was able to post all the links I wanted next to her review. Her review was heartwarming and enthusiastic, and I hope it will help more readers discover my book.” – A.C.

“Thank you again for loving my book so much. As a ‘newbie’ author, such as I am, it is thrilling to find out that people do actually really rather love the story that I felt so compelled to write. Your blog was one that I found whilst researching book bloggers to review The Point of Me – help my promotion and marketing work but also to get some feedback from ‘professional’ readers, so to speak – and having researched your previous reviews I felt comfortable that you write honest and realistic reviews about the books you choose to read. You were very prompt in your decision as to whether you could fit my book in to your reading-schedule and once a copy was with you, you had it read and the review posted very promptly. The fact that I got a resounding 5-stars from you was thrilling, I know that this is not always the case, which makes my high-score feel like a real achievement. Thank you Aimee. You’ve helped this new, independently published author a lot.” – R.D.

“Aimee Ann’s review service is both thorough and professional. She takes time to really absorb and understand your book and time to write an even-handed exposition. Recommended.” – T.E.

Excerpt from email with author “Thanks a million for loving my book and for all your wonderful, positive and heartfelt praise. I really am delighted with your excellent words and devotedness to me as your client. I cannot express my gratitude enough, but I just want to say a very, very BIG THANK YOU for everything. I love your review, tremendously. You have done my novel a great justice, indeed! Yes, I will recommend you to any other author, I most certainly will do so because your review is brilliant and has helped me tremendously! As a debut author, people are always skeptical to read one’s work, but your words will definitely inspire them to take a chance. Thank you for everything and more!” – N.S.

Excerpt from email with author “Oh Aimee!!! I love Love LOVE your review.  Thank you so much. Words cannot express my gratitude!! I’m so happy you liked the book. I have already seen near 30 sales since your review has been on your website so thank you!!!” – M.S.

I found working with Aimee an absolute pleasure. She is honest and very passionate about her work. She was quick to respond to my emails and informing me on progress. Aimee’s review of my novel was uplifting, inspiring and very encouraging.” – C.F.C.

“From the moment Aimee Ann emailed me offering to review my book, the interaction was a joy. She is a true writer’s champion. Not only did she give the book a 5-star rating, but the review was also very accurate. I highly recommend RED HEADED BOOK LOVER BLOG!” – K.K.

“Aimee Ann is quite simply put a delight to work with and a book lover, ‘true’ and through. Her heartfelt review deeply touched me and I’m still basking in its afterglow. She may not know this, but my attorney of a husband is now giving away print copies of it to everyone he knows, and he’s not easily impressed, which is saying something ;).Highly (highly) recommended. ” – S.P.

“From the first moment of contacting Aimee Ann, her kindness and graciousness mesmerized me and I found it very easy to connect with her as a person. Aimee’s enthusiasm to review my YA fantasy novel was very impressive and I knew that my book would be in the correct hands.” – D.S.

“It was a pleasure to work with Aimee Ann. Her communication was great from start to finish and she wrote a detailed review of my book faster than I expected. She posted in on her blog and then checked I was happy before posting it on other sites I wanted her to. The whole process only took two weeks and was well worth the money spent. I highly recommend Aimee Ann for your book review requirements.” – M.S.

As promised, my review for my book was delivered very timeously and I was floored by the five-star review that I received. Aimee Ann’s in-depth review of my book was indicative that not only was my book fully read but that it was done so with absolute keenness. Aimee’s love and devotion to her work was very palpable. I would highly recommend Aimee Ann’s book reviewing services to anyone, for not merely does she provide a very efficient and professional service, but she does so in a very hospitable and amicable manner. Not only did I obtain a professional book review, but in Aimee Ann I also found a friend.” – N.S.

“I must confess when Aimee Ann out of the blue agreed to review one of my books I was a doubtful someone born in the U.K. could do it justice. It is after all the quintessential American worst-case scenario of a dictator taking over where freedom has reigned for over two centuries. Explaining she was married to an American Marine who lives in America tipped the scale in her favor. His dedication to an elite military institution was bound to have given her the genre familiarity I sought. What really convinced me were the reviews I read in her Readheadedbooklover blog. Each was a masterful mix of professionalism and enthusiasm. Add to that her delivery as promised, and you get for a fraction of the cost the quality top notch product large reviewing firms offer.” Kudo, Aimee Ann. You exceeded my expectations.” – D.S.

Disclaimer Testimonials are published with the author’s permission. I have been given permission by such authors to post their testimonials as well as excerpts from emails.

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JoDee Neathery

Aimee Ann recently reviewed my novel, Life in a Box, giving it five stars and offering such detailed insight into the story, I knew she understood the nuances almost as well as me. As an author it’s refreshing to know the reviewer did so much more than quote the synopsis and or the remarks on the back cover of the book especially with a large and colorful cast of characters featured in my novel. I honestly had one very detailed review in which I did not recognize the story as if they had read another book entirely…not so with Aimee.… Read more »

Atlanta Hunter

When I got an email from Aimee about her reviewing my work, I was unsure. However, she won me over with her professionalism. She has such a sweet personality and I decided to take a chance with her services. As I waited for the review, I was nervous. I imagined what she would say, but it was nothing compared to the final posting. Aimee thank you so much! You made me want to read my own book again lol. Thanks so much for your kind words. I loved what you wrote. It really blew me away, and I enjoyed working… Read more »

Colette Tozer

Thank you so much! I LOVE the review! I had never braved a review of this nature before, so I was extremely nervous. However, after reading the review, I was encouraged and inspired. I can’t tell you enough how proud this review makes me. I can’t thank Aimee enough. This is amazing! I am so thrilled with Aimee Ann’s review of my book. The process was easy, thorough, and always extremely positive. The review surpassed all my expectations. Aimee was able to capture the essence of my book and express the character of the story through her review in a… Read more »

Kimberly C. Miller

When Aimee Ann contacted my by email expressing an interest in reviewing my first book, Adelaide’s Song, I was hesitant. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I took a chance and replied to her email, and I am so glad I did. Working with Aimee has been an absolute delight! She is thorough and professional and very gifted at writing book reviews. It is obvious from the first glance at her website that she is a passionate lover of books, and it shows in every review she does. I was blessed by the gracious review she did of my… Read more »

Lewis F. McIntyre

Aimee Ann contacted me out of the blue by e-mail, and I was initially skeptical of such cold contacts. I checked out her website reviews, did a couple of checks, and decided to give her a chance to review “The Eagle and the Dragon.” She was extremely professional throughout all of our contacts by e-mail, and I felt I came to know her as a person, not only her but her whole family. She published an excellent review of the book, taking about a month with the 550 page behemoth , my first professional review since publication a year ago.… Read more »

steven sullivan

Aimee’s Review of My Lady Zane…Wow!…Aimee did what I cannot do – She wrote a beautiful review from a totally subjective viewpoint, that actually makes me want to re-read my own book!…The words she wrote were spot on. Aimee weaved the the perspective in a way that is very unique unto itself. She did this in a way that certainly does not give away spoilers and still just enough to pull us, the reader in. I loved how she conveyed some complexity of the book, yet expressed the simple form really of what it is; two stories tied together about… Read more »

Mark Craven

I am very happy with the beautiful review Aimee Ann gave my book. This is so immensely helpful in my marketing and promotion of my book and to be honest it feels great to have someone take the time to review my work and give me such solid feedback. Thank you Aimee and I wish you MUCH success!

Kris Courtney

Aimee Ann has handled this Editorial Book Review of Florida Retirement Is Murder with the Professional Care and Wisdom of a 5Star Skilled Agency! “Florida Retirement Is Murder is a unique, compelling, and entertaining murder mystery novel laced with many thrilling and even funny moments that are guaranteed to hook and delight readers for many hours! The story laced between the pages of this book is one that captivated me from the beginning and if you are looking to read a book that will grasp your attention from the first page and hold it throughout then already I would implore you lovely readers to read… Read more »

Richard T. Silvester Sr
Richard T. Silvester Sr

My first communication with Aimee is when she contacted me (via email). She offered a written review of my eBook, (Book of 5). Naturally, I was interested and leery at the same time. This leads me to investigate, search, and analyze just who she is. After assessing mountains of information on Aimee from her website and all that I could find in reviews she wrote. I am convinced that this person is “the real deal.” She is truly a compassionate, sympathetic, and concerned individual.   Aimee is a thoughtful person; she does not hurt authors with negative reviews. If she believes in an author or… Read more »

Ryan Poirier

Aimee reached out to me a couple months ago expressing interest in reading my graphic novel The Herd. I was flattered to receive her email and was more than happy to work with her! She gave a glowing review (which was my first review) that still has me grinning ear to ear and an inspirational pluck in my step! Thank you again, Aimee!

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