Breathe, Leonidas Hadjimitsis

Self-Help & Motivational

We all need to BREATHE. We need to breathe to stay alive; to deal with stressful situations; to take risks and experience life. BREATHE is a synthesis of important qualities which I find to define life: Breath. Resilience. Embrace. Accountability. Truths of life. Happiness. Enjoy. People cannot live without Breath, cannot bounce back from adversity … Read more

You Aren’t Depression’s Victim, Debra Atlas

Self-Help & Motivational

You Aren’t Depression’s Victim, a departure from Debra Atlas’s usual journalistic writing, is designed to be uplifting and empowering. Have you ever wondered if you had a choice when faced with depression? We often think we must automatically fall into the depression pit, that there’s no other option. But what if you could see and … Read more

Radiant, Iris van Ooyen

Psychology & Counseling, Self-Help & Motivational

Are you struggling with your energy level? Living from weekend to weekend? Unsure why you feel the moods, energies and actions of others so deeply? You may be a sensitive soul. Being busy and tired is a disease of our time. Some people wear their exhaustion like a badge of honor. Today’s pressure for high-energy … Read more

The Cosmic Journey, Stefano Stracuzzi

Self-Help & Motivational

‘The Cosmic Journey’ is meant to be an inspiring presentation of astrological thought. The text focuses upon the collective and individual influences of outer planetary cycles. In-depth analysis of their archetypal and cyclical features explains how these usher us beyond the physical realm, into the metaphysical continuum. The book addresses both experienced astrologers and passionate … Read more

Thank You! With Deepest Gratitude, Michael Floissac

Self-Help & Motivational

You don’t need another how-to book on gratitude. You need a guided tour through a life lived with gratitude, where you can absorb lessons learned through experience, and emerge transformed from the inside out. From a sun-kissed childhood in the Caribbean, through world travels and homelessness, to the everyday trials of modern parenthood, prepare to … Read more