The Soul of a Shoemaker, Susan Cork


A Shoemaker struggles to survive in an oppressed society. Can he outsmart the brutal regime before he becomes the next victim? In 1950s Yugoslavia, master cobbler Frank Katana must make a harrowing decision: stay and face certain death, or flee to Canada and leave everything he knows and loves behind. But in a new country, … Read more

Transatlantic Train, Vincent J. Miles


Enoch Train rose from humble beginnings to become one of the most important maritime figures in nineteenth-century Boston: owner of the city’s most successful transatlantic shipping line, and chief patron of its legendary shipbuilder, Donald McKay. In telling Enoch’s story, Transatlantic Train also provides fascinating insights into many of the era’s defining themes and events: … Read more

The Sorting Room, Michael Rose


In Prohibition-era New York City, Eunice Ritter, an indomitable ten-year-old girl, finds work in a sweat shop—an industrial laundry—after impairing her older brother with a blow to the head in a sibling tussle. When the diminutive girl first enters the sorting room, she encounters a giant: Gussie, the largest human being she has ever seen. … Read more

The Eternilim, Mario Mainland


The greatest story ever told – is the story of us. An unlikely combination of Dan Brown’s history and Harry Potter’s magic, this is a reimagining of humanity’s origins and legends as lived by those who were there. The tale of three friends in ancient Babylonia, who through trial, joy, and danger, discover the secrets … Read more

Back to the Land in Silicon Valley, Marlene Anne Bumgarner

History, Memoir & Biography

We all worked together. Ate together. Sang together. Learned together. We had a good life. After living close to the natural cycles of the earth year after year, good and not good, we grew stronger and more resilient, learned to manage our occasional conflicts with tolerance and love.” When Marlene Bumgarner and her husband moved … Read more