The White Raven, Carrie D. Miller

Fantasy, Mystery & Suspense, Supernatural & Paranormal, Women's

In her thirteenth life, Aven has settled into the now witchcraft-friendly Salem where she has found true happiness and friendship, maybe even love. Despite her contentment, the truth of Aven’s existence haunts her. When she dies, her Spirit is forced from the Veil to live again in the body of a stranger. Does the elusive … Read more

Life Happens, Sarah Catherine Knights


In this story, set in modern Cyprus, we follow the lives of three women: Rachel, Grace and Jen. Three lives connected since the eighties; three husbands, three love stories … three secrets and one momentous holiday, that changes them all forever. In the magical island setting, the past and the present collides, with devastating consequences. … Read more

A Song For Josh, Susan Rodgers


Fame is not always glorious… …sometimes it simply hurts. Will Jessie find someone to heal her pain? Her career on TV and stage makes her life seem idyllic. Evenings spent in her boyfriend’s club, surrounded by people who adore her, should make Jessie happy. There is just one problem – she doesn’t love him. How … Read more

Camera Ready, Adele Royce


Camera Ready offers a compelling version of a love triangle at its center, as L.A. executive Jane Mercer follows a tortuous path toward her version of the American dream.Jane finally has her life together. She is vice president of accounts at the advertising agency Warren Mitchell & Partners. She has a stable long-term relationship with … Read more

Dark Cloud, Sandra Wolff


“In a post-apocalyptic world, a young woman with a mysterious connection to the land steps forward to confront an evil, militaristic dictator.” Meet Dark Cloud, a young woman who comes from a traumatic past that she can’t afford to remember, leaving her on high alert and trusting of no one. The sole exception is Ricardo … Read more

Delight in the Limelight, Linda Ugelow


Yes, you can learn to love the spotlight. Why do some of us gladly step forward while others shy away from the camera or public speaking, despite having something to say? If you’ve ever watched others take the stage—on video, at conferences, in meetings, or even at your sister’s wedding—and yearned for the confidence to … Read more