Sliptime, Jeff Grode

Science Fiction & Space Opera

A teenager, his grandfather, and a resurrected robot, slip the bonds of time to save the world.Sixteen-year-old Ben’s confidence and family life have never been better since meeting Jack, his doppel-brother from Terra, a planet in a parallel universe.Ben’s grandfather, Patrick, races the clock to stop an enemy drone from opening a portal between Earth … Read more

From Darkest Skies, Sam Peters

Detective & Private Investigator, Science Fiction & Space Opera, Teen & Young Adult

After a five year sabbatical following the tragic death of his wife and fellow agent Alysha, Keona Rause returns to the distant colony world of Magenta to resume service with the Magentan Intelligence Service. With him he brings an artificial recreation of his wife’s personality, a simulacrum built from every digital trace she left behind. … Read more

Fleshers, Alison Croggon & Daniel Keene

Gay & Lesbian Fiction, Science Fiction & Space Opera

Dez is different from the other fleshers struggling to survive in the outskirts of Newport. She’s a living quantum computer, the missing link between human and artificial intelligence. If Newport City OpSec knew about her abilities, she’d be dead meat. And when she accidentally kills a cop during a routine raid, everything begins to unravel. … Read more

Slideways, Jeff Grode

Science Fiction & Space Opera

An eventful and immersive interdimensional romp.—Kirkus Reviews A troubled home, a family secret, and a technological breakthrough turn a teen’s world Slideways. Fifteen-year-old Ben believes his life is forever shattered after his brother’s accident. His parents won’t talk about it and he feels isolated and lonely. After Ben’s grandfather disappears, Ben stumbles upon his grandfather’s … Read more

13 Worlds, J.J. Hair

Science Fiction & Space Opera

Directed by an omnipotent super-being known as the “Guide”, Commander Culben, Dr. Reeves, and the crew of starship Ranus have set out on a mission to destroy thirteen different planets: analogous but unique versions of 1st and 2nd Earth. The planets’ inhabiting civilizations are believed to be on the verge of developing advanced DNA-editing technology … Read more