Dreaming Under an Electric Moon, Kris Powers

Science Fiction & Space Opera

Two agents investigating a murderous mind-hacker discover a dangerous psychopath twisting the Virtual Universe into an instrument for possession. On the run from an already infiltrated FBI, partners Zahra Washington and Mason Deane form a motley crew to stop a killer who could be hiding behind any face.They race across enchanted villages and impossible planets, … Read more

From Darkest Skies, Sam Peters

Detective & Private Investigator, Science Fiction & Space Opera, Teen & Young Adult

After a five year sabbatical following the tragic death of his wife and fellow agent Alysha, Keona Rause returns to the distant colony world of Magenta to resume service with the Magentan Intelligence Service. With him he brings an artificial recreation of his wife’s personality, a simulacrum built from every digital trace she left behind. … Read more

Green Corrosion, Costi Gurgu

Science Fiction & Space Opera

The devastating Black Rain has transformed the once-lush land into an arid wasteland, turning all water into a gel-like substance across the globe. Fresh, drinkable water has become the planet’s most precious commodity, sought after by all. Some have chanced upon underground liquid reserves, while those with no choice but to drink gelled water become … Read more

Watching, Jeffrey Jay Levin

Science Fiction & Space Opera

After watching a documentary about a 50-year-old unsolved crime, an otherwise ordinary guy finds himself both blessed and burdened by the ability to travel through time and space, but not in the physical sense, and only as it may relate to that unsolved crime. Braving the debilitating physical effects of his space time continuum journeys, … Read more