Awaken Your Destiny, Narcis Murza

Christian Living & Devotional

Awaken Your Destiny is a Christian, biblically rooted book about unlocking your potential and living out your destiny.  How many times did you feel that you are not living the life you were designed to live? How many times you got frustrated when you saw others following their calling and reaching their place of destiny? How … Read more

The Boy Behind the China Cabinet, Paul LaGreca

Christian Living & Devotional

The Boy Behind the China Cabinet: a Memoir about Addiction, Hollywood, Mother Teresa and Me is the eclectic story of one man’s coming to terms with himself. It is tragic, and at times hysterically funny, as the memoir recounts growing up in the Bronx in a large Catholic Italian family and living through his oldest … Read more

There’s An Angel Inside of Me, John Paul Carinci

Christian Living & Devotional, Memoir & Biography

After fifty-eight-year-old Ryan Simmons dies in a car accident, he is told in the hereafter that he will not make it into heaven but rather be in limbo for eternity. He begs to be given a second chance to return to earth. Although a millionaire and ruthless business owner on earth, Ryan is powerless in … Read more

Finding the Narrow Path: Patterns, Faith and Searching, Lin Wilder

Christian Living & Devotional

Deciding to walk away from God did not come easily or quickly. Nor did the decision to return. These kinds of tumultuous events feel as if they happen impulsively, spontaneously. But, if we take the time to look back at patterns, we find the seeds of the decision sown years before the actual action. This … Read more

Unstoppable: Seven Universal Laws That Will Transform How You Pursue and Achieve Success, Ralph Graves Jr.

Christian Living & Devotional

No matter where you are right now, or what circumstances you face, lasting success is within your reach. You’ve heard stories of people who have overcome unthinkable obstacles to achieve spectacular success. The difference between a life of meaning and a life of mediocrity often comes down to one thing—intentionality. But how does a person … Read more

King Here: Never Too Old, Too Rich or Too Anything to Meet Jesus, Trish Porter Topmiller

Christian Living & Devotional

King Here is the eye-opening true story of God’s unfolding plan to bring a rich man through the “eye of the needle”. Trusting God and sharing Jesus with aging parents can be difficult. As Trish Porter Topmiller watched her father’s casket be lowered into the ground, she knew the complicated jigsaw puzzle of his life finally … Read more