A Twist of Lemon, Arlene Duane Hemingway

Novella & Short Story

Wickedly funny, suspenseful, intense, and intriguing, you will be immediately drawn into to these one hundred word stories—aka “drabbles”—masterfully crafted by Arlene Duane Hemingway. Every word has been carefully chosen for style and content to create mesmerizing tales and characters. Covering a range of topics and emotions, this collection of 100 of the briefest narratives … Read more

Shorts & Shit: An Anthology, Dayton O’Donnell

Novella & Short Story

Shorts & Shit is Dayton O’Donnell’s debut anthology of short fiction and poetry. Each piece in this collection plays with the idea of perspective in storytelling through often fantastic and imaginative settings, narratives and characters. Shorts & Shit: An Anthology is a phenomenal anthology and poetry book that has astounded me book lovers! Anthologies are … Read more

Stinger: Can you face your ultimate fear?, T. Dell’Aringa

Novella & Short Story

It all began when as a new recruit, Jimi saw “the footage.” Chaotic visuals of the horrific alien Sasori injected into Sol United fleet ships as killing machines in the war with the Andromedans. The creatures destroyed crew and ship alike, impervious to conventional weaponry. Seeing the scorpion-like alien in action awoke a primal fear … Read more