The Girl and Her Noble Steed, Kirthana J Fanning

Middle Grade

Embark on a remarkable journey with an orphan girl determined to conquer a thrilling race. Overcoming obstacles with the power of prayer, she’s joined by a cantankerous farmer and his singing, dancing miniature donkey. Together, they defy the odds, showcasing the strength of faith, courage, and friendship. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable adventure that will … Read more

ARKO: The Dark Union, U.W. Leo

Middle Grade

A group of tweens unearth the most significant discovery in world history, designed to save the human species…from itself. Ariel Hyden and his friends accompany their parents, some of the world’s top scientists, on a trip to the Yucatán where Dr. Hyden is conducting research for the Mexican government. On the kids’ exploration of nearby … Read more

An Appointment with Fear, Chad Lee Erway

Middle Grade

Being the new kid in school, Jesse Beamish’s first day at Lawrence Stewart Talbot Middle School is already a bummer. But, finding his next class and avoiding school bullies quickly becomes the least of his worries as unusual things start to happen. There’s something different about Wolverton. Something…hiding in the shadows. Jesse soon discovers that … Read more