Turmeric & Spice: Indian Cuisine for the Mind, Body and Spirit, Bina Mehta


To eat is human; to digest is divine. Take your meals from boring to bountiful with Turmeric & Spice, an Indian cookbook that embraces ancient wisdom for the modern table. Harness the power and energy of natural, whole foods, and feed your mind, body and spirit. In this book you’ll find guidance on cooking with spices, … Read more

Jamylah and the Giants, Adrian Brooks Collins


During Jamylah’s 8th birthday pool party she slips out of body, as the result of a minor swimming mishap.  While aloft she’s visited by the spirit of Temuh, an ancient Talligewi Giant whose civilization consumed her very property, some twelve thousand years earlier.  Temuh asks for Jamylah’s help in restoring their plundered burial mounds.  She … Read more