I Am and the Spirit Walks with Me, Angelo Lowery

Grief & Hardship, Health & Well Being, Memoir & Biography, NonFiction, Self-Help & Motivational, Spirituality & Philosophy

Some time ago, I advanced to a new level of spiritual transformation consisting of awareness and consciousness. Many things transpired to enhance my level of consciousness and lead me to a new journey of refined cosmic consciousness. This is where spirit began to speak to me about the things I had encountered through my life’s … Read more

Never A $7 Wh*re, Toni Crowe

Grief & Hardship, Health & Well Being, Memoir & Biography, NonFiction, Parenting & Relationships

Toni Crowe lives life one day at a time. As she faces teen motherhood, an abusive lover, and Chicago’s inner city, she refuses to become yet another statistic. With poverty all around her, Toni finds more than prosperity: she fights her way from the streets to the penthouse suite. During her journey from single mom … Read more

4th-Dimensional Healing, Randi Botnick

Guidebook and Textbook, Health & Well Being, New Thought, NonFiction, Religion & Spirtuality

What if that which we perceive with our five senses were only a small piece of all there is to experience? In this engaging and provocative book, Randi Botnick offers a well-rounded compilation of spiritual beliefs and learned techniques. Distilling twenty years of experience as an energy healer, she explains the basics of opening our … Read more

Malice Intent, Alba Castillo

Abuse & Substance Abuse, Health & Well Being, NonFiction, Parenting & Relationships

Alba Castillo has always been gutsy. A self-proclaimed rebel, she flees her small village in Spain for adventure and new life in the States. But what she meets instead is the devil himself. After several failed relationships, the charming and charismatic Peter seems like a gift from Heaven. Until he isn’t. Cruel, controlling, and malicious, … Read more

The Unspoken Truth About Essential Oils, Kayla Fioravanti & Stacey Haluka

Education & Teaching, Health & Well Being, NonFiction

A story that may leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about essential oils, followed by the answers you need to continue using them safely.  You are about to embark upon a journey that may shock you and cause disbelief, however the fact remains that this is a true story. In fact, it is … Read more

The Magic of Menopause, Lorraine Miano

Health & Well Being, Memoir & Biography, NonFiction, Self-Help & Motivational

Upon discovering she was about to be a grandmother, just as menopause and a hysterectomy were at her doorstep, Lorraine Miano decided she needed to turn her healthy lifestyle habits up a notch. She was not going to be a has-been–she was determined to be a will-be! In her book, The Magic of Menopause, Lorraine … Read more

Believe It and Behave It, Kate Harvie

Health & Well Being, Memoir & Biography, NonFiction, Self-Help & Motivational

While walking a friend to a hair stylist, Kate is hit by an ambulette while picking up her lost hat in the crosswalk. From a coma to months in two hospitals to living for the first time since she was 14 with her parents, Kate learns – through messing things up right, left, and center … Read more