Bridge of Destiny, Gena Ervin

Fantasy, Literature & Fiction, Romance

On the day of her fifteenth birthday, Cricket Mohs follows a white wolf under an old bridge and is transported into another world. She learns that she is their priestess, a woman of powerful magic who will save their world, because of course she is. With her on this journey of regeneration are her sworn … Read more

Whickering Place, London Clarke

Literature & Fiction, Supernatural & Paranormal

A woman trapped by her own fears inherits a house haunted by a legacy of darkness and a history of ritual sacrifices. A violent attack that happened nearly a decade ago has left twenty-seven-year-old Avery Tullinger barely able to walk outside. Following her estranged father’s death, she inherits Whickering Place, a historic mansion in Asheville, … Read more

No Mere Mortal, Amara Dey

Erotica & Sex, Literature & Fiction, Supernatural & Paranormal

Peace on the enchanted world of Decagon is about to end. Radiance, its daylight realm, is on the brink of invasion from the night dwellers of Moonshade. And only human-born Venus Myles, a dance teacher unaware of her divine lineage, can stop them. Radiance sends Bolt to Earth to enlighten Venus, and their passionate connection … Read more

The Winning Wife, Segun Tewogbola

NonFiction, Parenting & Relationships

Sometimes, the search for answers in our marriage takes us on a journey… Sometimes, those journeys never end… Sometimes, we end up making the journey harder than it needs to be, because we do not have a road map for our destination. After almost thirty (30) years (and still standing upon the grace of God … Read more

BRoken EXIT, K.N. Palmer

Literature & Fiction, Politics, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

In 2023, after Britain has exited the EU, immigration is still above target and the NHS buckles under the enormous demands. A new political party surged to power, vowing to tackle these issues. The new prime minister, attending the UK City of Culture in Nottingham, is targeted by terrorists. Barnaby Aitken is on the run, … Read more

So Long Earth, Michael Bienenstock

Literature & Fiction, Science Fiction & Space Opera

2017. Dr. Thomas Burns, an environmental engineer, is listening to the President, talk about global warming. He and his colleagues quickly realize that Earth will no longer be able to sustain life in a few years. Environmental disasters all over the world are occurring at a quicker rate, and each one seems to be stronger … Read more

The Unforgotten World of Ava: A Mystical Love Story, Renee Scarrott

Literature & Fiction, Romance

This is one woman’s journey of self-discovery and true love. Ava Morgan thought she had a perfect life, the perfect husband and the perfect family. It is only after she discovers her husband’s affair with a much younger woman that she starts to question why this happened to her, wondering if she was enough and … Read more