The Humorous Side of Trucking, Buck Boylan

Memoir & Biography, NonFiction

This book contains sixteen short humorous stories about a laid off steelworker and his career as a truck driver. The book begins with a look back at truck driving school of which he attended. He recalls his real life learning experiences on how to be a professional tractor trailer driver with very little guidance beginning … Read more

The Mind and the Libido, Rotem Hess

NonFiction, Psychology & Counseling, Self-Help & Motivational

This book presents an innovative model of the personality where the mind is described as an organ that has evolved in the process of sexual rather than natural selection, just like the peacock’s tail.In contrast to what Sigmund Freud conceptualized, the mind can be viewed as a mental representation of nature instead of a mediator between the … Read more

Anniversary: A Night to Remember, Dick B. Long

Erotica & Sex, Literature & Fiction

How does an inexperienced young couple’s fifth anniversary celebration turn into a hellish nightmare of fear, pain, and eroticism? Cindy and Shawn celebrate all day, beginning with waffles and mimosas and ending with dinner and lots of drinks at a favorite restaurant. Afterwards, Cindy insists they go to an adult theatre because she has never … Read more

Michael DeStefano, Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight

Esteemed California music professor David Whealy is drawn to the other side of the country to investigate the circumstances behind his unexpected inheritance. As David probes deeper into the secrets of his benefactor, James Burton West, he finds more than just a wealth of unpublished music on the order of the great composers. David’s benefactor … Read more