The Last Saturday Of October, Douglas Gilbert

Action & Adventure, Historical Fiction, History NonFiction, Literature & Fiction, Military Fiction, Military NonFiction, NonFiction

The new breed of submarine thriller – based on a true story. A reenactment of the most pivotal moment in human history about a hero’s sacrifice, courage, and actions during the Cold War. Russia, 1962. Vasili Arkhipov is assigned to a Soviet diesel submarine above the Arctic Circle. From childhood, he’s dreamed of escaping his … Read more

Italy Invades, Christopher Kelly & Stuart Laycock

Civilization & Culture, History NonFiction, Military NonFiction, NonFiction

Italy Invades, full of restless adventurers, canny generals, and the occasional scoundrel, is a fast-paced and compelling read, the perfect sequel to America Invades. Recreating their success with America Invades, Christopher Kelly and Stuart Laycock take another global tour, this time starting from Italy and exploring that country’s military involvements throughout the ancient and modern … Read more

America Invades, Christopher Kelly

Civilization & Culture, Guidebook and Textbook, History NonFiction, Military NonFiction, NonFiction, Reference

Americans have invaded nearly half the world’s countries and been militarily involved with all the rest, except Andorra, Bhutan and Liechtenstein. Christopher Kelly and Stuart Laycock take you on a global tour of America’s military activity around the world from the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli and everywhere in-between. Whatever your political … Read more

America Invaded: A State by State Guide to Fighting on American Soil, Christopher Kelly

Civilization & Culture, Guidebook and Textbook, History NonFiction, Military NonFiction, NonFiction, Reference

Have you ever wondered why some towns in Texas have French names? Or why there’s a statue of a Shawnee chief at the US Naval Academy? Or what coastal wildlife refuges have to do with American fears of invasion? And what the Olive Oil Riot in Montana was really all about? America Invaded has the … Read more

Friend Grief and the Military: Band of Friends, Victoria Noe

Civilization & Culture, Grief & Hardship, Health & Well Being, Military NonFiction, NonFiction, Self-Help & Motivational

“They were killing my friends.” That was how Medal of Honor recipient Audie Murphy justified his heroic actions in World War II. As long as there have been wars, men and women in the military have watched their friends die. Experts warn that delaying our grief will complicate our lives. But what about those who … Read more

Faith Steps for Military Families, Lisa Nixon Phillips

Christian Living & Devotional, Military NonFiction, NonFiction, Religion & Spirtuality, Self-Help & Motivational

There is much preparation made in advance of an upcoming deployment, but sadly spiritual readiness rarely makes it on the check-off list. The military community agrees that war inflicts injuries to the souls of our service members, but faith is the glue that makes a difference in coping with adversity or when living under difficult … Read more

Answering the Call, Stephen L. Wilson

History NonFiction, Memoir & Biography, Military NonFiction, NonFiction

Answering the Call describes Allen Wilson’s World War II service. The book chronicles his college years in ROTC, his stateside assignments before “shipping out” to Algeria, his experiences in combat as a platoon leader and forward observer in Italy, and his post-war duties as a member of the American occupation forces in Austria.  His wife Barbara’s … Read more