Revenge in the Name of Honour, Nicholas James Kaizer

Military & War History

On 19 August 1812, lookouts of the British frigate HMS Guerriere spotted the American frigate, USS Constitution. Captain James Dacres, Guerriere’s commander, was eager for a fight and confident of victory. He had the weight of Britain’s naval reputation and confidence behind him. Yet when the guns fell silent Guerriere was a shattered hulk and … Read more

The Sands Shall Witness, Walter Hurst Williamson

Military & War History

World War I in German Southwest Africa is the backdrop for a spellbinding story about forbidden love, genocide and human endurance. Set in present-day Namibia, this historical fiction novel tells the story of colonial aide Conrad Huber, who falls in love with Sybille, daughter of the prominent chieftain of the native Herero — a people … Read more

American Dreamer, Tim Tran

Military & War History

American Dreamer is an inspirational, first-hand account of the motivating power of an immigrant’s dream for a better life. From the rural Vietnam of Tim Tran’s childhood to his eventual escape to America and his rise as CFO of a multi-billion-dollar company, Tran’s memoir is a lesson in perseverance and ingenuity. After he initially left Vietnam … Read more