Reunion in Stringtown: Finding Faith, Family, and Healing, Joyce A. Connelley

Grief & Hardship

Abandoned by her birth mother, abused by her adoptive mother, and then rejected again by her birth mother, Joyce embarks on a 25-year quest to untangle the web of secrets and lies behind her relinquishment, failed relationships and recurring psychological traumas. Ultimately, she needs not just tenacity, but also subpoenas and DNA tests to break … Read more

I Am Abigail, Jamie Collins

Grief & Hardship

ONE OF THE MOST DISTURBING CASES OF SEXUAL ABUSE ON RECORD—AND THE INSPIRING TRUE STORY OF THE WOMAN WHO SURVIVED TO SPEAK HER TRUTH My name is Abigail Alvarado. When I was nine, Child Protective Services removed me and my siblings from my mother’s home—a known crack house—due to neglect. After an extended stay at … Read more

When the Crowd Stops Roaring, Neven MacEwan

Grief & Hardship

ENTERTAINING AND REVEALING In this frank and inspiring memoir, Neven talks about his early life, and his extraordinary success as a rugby player. A lock and number eight, Neven represented Wellington at a provincial level, before achieving the ultimate in New Zealand rugby—wearing the revered All Black jersey. His contemporaries included Tiny White, Don Clarke, … Read more