Management by Intent, Abrar Ansari

Business & Finance

As Corporate America comes under intense scrutiny from stakeholders who demand a change to the single-minded focus on shareholder profitability, an increasing number of business leaders are beginning to search for more equitable and fair company practices. Management by Intent (MBI) offers a unique solution to business leaders who are seeking holistic transformations. Based on … Read more

Your Next Big Idea, Samuel Sanders

Business & Finance

Featured by Yahoo!, Advertising Week, Thrive Global,  Booklist Magazine, Publishers Weekly, Market Watch and multiple affiliates of CBS, Fox, and NBC and awarded BlueInk Review Notable Book Seal and IndieReader Approved Designation, this non-fiction business and self-help creativity guide encourages innovation in aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders. Have you ever looked at a product and thought, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ or, ‘I’m just not a creative … Read more

Build Wealth With Common Stocks, David J. Waldron

Business & Finance

Written for individual investors by an individual investor. In Build Wealth With Common Stocks, David J. Waldron shares actionable ideas to construct a potentially market-beating portfolio of the common shares of enduring companies to fund life’s significant milestones. Waldron offers inspiring wisdom and memorable anecdotes to keep the reader moving forward during the endless roller coaster … Read more