Without Provenance, John and Nancy Petralia

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Are some of the recently discovered Caravaggio paintings fakes? Could the authors create one that would fool the experts? In their third travel adventure, these bestselling authors go throughout Europe to find the answer while illuminating the dark side of the art world–forgeries. Their investigation, worthy of Agatha Christie, takes them to Italy, Malta, Spain, … Read more

The Color of the Elephant, Christine Herbert

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An outstanding new voice in memoir, Christine Herbert takes the reader on a “time-machine tour” of her Peace Corps volunteer service as a health worker and educator from 2004–2006 in Zambia. Rather than a retrospective, this narrative unfolds in the present tense, propelling the reader alongside the memoirist through a fascinating exploration of a life … Read more

The Backpack Years, Stefanie Wilson & James Wilson

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Part travel, part romance, part failing at life, The Backpack Years intertwines two memoirs, charting Stef and James’s six-year journey from happily wandering to miserably settled and back again. Straight-laced Stef left America to study abroad in Spain, letting loose and falling head over heels for two things: a handsome local and travel. Travel won … Read more