What I Can’t Say, Marie Allred

Literature & Fiction, Poetry & Essay, Religion & Spirtuality

This collection of poetry is a raw and emotionally gripping tale told through a loose narrative style and imbued with Allred’s passion and personality. It retains a beautiful and haunting style of composition in which we are given an unfettered look into the thought processes -however different than our own- of mental illness and the … Read more

1981: Letters, Thoughts and Poetry, UniQue Webster

Literature & Fiction, Memoir & Biography, Poetry & Essay

1981. contains past letters, thoughts, poetry and very personal writings; retelling the journey of a woman dealing with the trauma of being abandoned at birth by her biological mother and the ensuing attributable effects of obesity and food addiction. It exposes the ugly truth of addiction, unveils the effects of abandonment, exposes unspoken abuse and … Read more

Idle Pursuits, L.P. Kirkbride

Literature & Fiction, Poetry & Essay

L.P. Kirkbride’s poetry collection, Idle Pursuits shows how poetry can be many things with a variety of styles from modern to traditional. And topics both serious and humorous, ranging from acrobatics to zephyrs and also love and Jane Austen. Through all of this one is transported on a wonderful journey. Idle Pursuits: A Poetry Collection … Read more

A Journey To Yonder, Nidhi Kaur

Memoir & Biography, NonFiction, Poetry & Essay, Religion & Spirtuality

A Journey to Yonder is the tale of one woman’s refusal to allow the challenges of her past to define her present. She grows up with a special needs sibling and loses her childhood home, and we then follow her through an abusive relationship and into the most unforgiving of human trials. With experiences that leave … Read more

Get Well Soon, Matthew Chau

Contemporary Fiction, Literature & Fiction, Poetry & Essay

his words drip down her thoughts like holy water;  the butterflies in the witch’s stomach dissolve  like the last flickering flame from a match does.  her ribcage tightens as if almost imprisoned – the aching in her chest is unbearable this time. be patient, she is almost human again. Get Well Soon is a poetry … Read more

A Penny for Your Thoughts, Sherrill S. Cannon

Contemporary Fiction, Literature & Fiction, Poetry & Essay

Have you ever loved, been loved, been confused about love, or suffered from loss of love? All these feelings have been captured and shared in the word of heartfelt poems, compiled over many years by a retired teacher and award-winning author. Sherrill S. Cannon now shares her thoughts in this book of feelings. “As a … Read more

2017, Tarin Breuner

Civilization & Culture, Literature & Fiction, Poetry & Essay

Between natural disasters, shootings, social division and more, the year 2017 has weighed heavily on the United States. There has been great pain and devastation from the many tragedies but through these disasters there have been hidden victories as well. This book highlights both the good and the bad of the year 2017 through a … Read more