Spring Brings Summer, Allistar Banks

Literature & Fiction, Poetry & Essay

An inspiring and calming short collection of poetry that describes the Authors’ favorite seasons of the year spring and summer. At the beginning of the book, the author depicts her mother seeing the first rain of spring by looking out the house window. Throughout the book, the author brings to life Japanese blossoms, birds, Easter … Read more

The Ache of Healing!: 105 Sonnets of Love and Contemplations!, Christine Maalouf Abi Najm

Literature & Fiction, Poetry & Essay

105 sonnets divided into four categories: Roses and prickles, Spirits and souls, Places and Contemplations. “Roses and prickles poems” portray different types of romance and all the blissful and sad emotions that love brings with it. “Spirits and souls poems” describes personalities such as the greatest man alive, the altruistic, orphans, mothers, fathers, abusers, dreamers, … Read more

I Saw a Starburst to Flames, J.R. LaMar

Literature & Fiction, Poetry & Essay

With over 100 poems about everything from flapping ears to dancing pizzas, J.R. LaMar’s, I Saw a Starburst to Flames will take you on an out-of-this-world reading adventure. With instant classics like “My Father Is the President,” “I Am a Young Ventriloquist,” and “My Eyes Popped out of My Head” to funny re-imaginings such as “The … Read more

Poetry Dead to Society, Cee Jay & Shirley Spring

Anthology, Poetry & Essay

This book was written to awaken and bring back to life poetry within our society! There are many poems of a variety of topics that will amaze and stun you. This book contains love, romance, life journey, religion, heartbreak, and even hatred and anger. This book is guaranteed to open your mind’s eye. Please enjoy … Read more

Phantom Poetry, Kayla Lowe

Erotica & Sex, Literature & Fiction, Poetry & Essay

From Christian romance author, Kayla Lowe, comes a collection of poems inspired by the classic tale of The Phantom of the Opera. Originally published by Gaston Leroux in 1909 and then later transformed into the Broadway award-winning musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber, the tragic story of the disfigured musical genius who lived in the bowels … Read more