A.J. Feagin, Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight

Padaeya…an unruly, savage rain forest planet… Soaleste…its high-walled capital city, the shining beacon of security and order within the galaxy… For over a thousand years the Daejic Szekta has stood steadfast in Soaleste, its school and temple home to a select group of beings with extraordinary abilities– some might say dangerous–expressed through the secret power … Read more

Christiana Jones, Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight

SHE’S A DOCTOR Dr. Lisa Johnson, a dedicated and intelligent emergency room physician, has shattered everyone’s expectations. She’s made it from her family’s working-class roots in Akron, Ohio, to Harvard Medical School. Now, she’s on the verge of becoming Chief of Emergency Medicine at Boston General Hospital. She should be thrilled, except she’s not sure … Read more