Thinly Veiled, Eliza Modiste

Erotica & Sex

The past haunts her, the present beguiles her…and the future is ready to bring her full circle. Freshly escaped from her unfulfilling and unnecessarily stressful criminal past of drug dealing and theft (and the manipulative ex-boyfriend associated with it), the beautiful, foul-mouthed romantic Claire Branson needs a fresh start. Routine. Monotony. An authentic happiness that … Read more

Wild Horses, Amy Pendino

Mystery & Suspense

What strings are attached to “easy money”? Dani Holden has lived in small-town Crestview, Iowa, for almost two years, but she won’t be able to stay without a new source of income, especially now that she’s adopted an old racehorse. Her good friend Donna introduces Dani to Jim, a trucker who’s become a regular at … Read more

The Name I Choose, Holly Brough

Historical Fiction

Questions about Amalia’s past become more concerning when she’s uprooted at the young age of fifteen from the only life she knows and into an abusive nobleman’s household. As a young female in nineteenth-century Spain and a dominant patriarchal society, Amalia’s choices are limited. That couldn’t be more evident than in her employer’s household. Manuel … Read more