Seven Days, Ryan D. Patterson Sr.


The day had finally arrived. Daniel and Diane’s Wedding day. Diane stressed, has some last minute accessories to get for her dress. Usually she would have Tammy go with her but Tammy was needed to pick up the cake. As time passes Daniel grows anxious because he hasn’t heard from Diane, as she’s been out … Read more

Something Is Wrong With Simone, Nini Dagan

Children & Picture Book

Whatever could be wrong with Simone? Simone’s beloved companion animals, Dog, Cat, and Bird, immediately notice something is not quite right with their “favorite girl.” The trio takes the readers on humorous speculative quest to discover what is wrong with Simone and how they can “fix” her. Written in an engaging, rhyming style, with delightfully … Read more

Fearless Wisdom, Richard A. Feller

Psychology & Counseling

Fearless Wisdom is based on the powerful principles Dr. Feller has learned and applied from his spiritual, metaphysical, business, administrative, and educational background in seven different careers in twelve different countries. He knows, from personal experience that these principles work, and he believes it is now time to share this wisdom. The book is focused … Read more