Something Is Wrong With Simone, Nini Dagan

Whatever could be wrong with Simone?

Simone’s beloved companion animals, Dog, Cat, and Bird, immediately notice something is not quite right with their “favorite girl.” The trio takes the readers on humorous speculative quest to discover what is wrong with Simone and how they can “fix” her.

Written in an engaging, rhyming style, with delightfully whimsical illustrations, “Something is Wrong with Simone” is a heartwarming tale about friendship and empathy. The story teaches young children how to identify, accept and understand their own negative emotions, and offers age-appropriate, practical advice in a fun and imaginative manner.

We sometimes feel sad, mad, or don’t feel like talking. The vast range of natural, human emotions can be a confusing and anxiety-filled experience for children and a complex subject for parents to tackle positively. “Something is Wrong with Simone” can help parents explore depression, anger, and other negative emotions with their children, reassuring them that this, too, will pass. The story’s light and amusing narrative is filled with charming illustrations of animals that will resonate with toddlers, such as Dog, Cat, and Bird.

Something Is Wrong With Simone is an entertaining, memorable, and informative children’s book that will easily delight and entertain young readers from start to finish. Something Is Wrong With Simone is an incredible book that is unique thanks to its story and has a real ability to inform young readers while entertaining them at the same time! Too many children’s books these days are generic and not original, so I welcome this book and the important story at the heart of it! As a mother, I love to recommend children’s books to fellow parents and guardians and Something Is Wrong With Simone has my approval thanks to its heartwarming moments and moving story! Already I would recommend this book to all children but if you are not convinced just yet then read the rest of my review to find out more about this dazzling book!

Something Is Wrong With Simone is a beautiful and captivating children’s book that explores emotions, specifically negative emotions, and provides practical advice on how to combat these, from a child and even a parent/guardian perspective. The story follows Simone, and her animal companions, Cat, Dog and Bird! They notice that something is not right with Simone and so they embark on a journey to discover what is wrong with her and how to help her. What follows is a beautiful children’s tale that explores negative emotions and how to identify and accept them and this book lovers is the short premise of this fun book!

Nini Dagan is an exceptional author thanks to her impeccably well-developed story, but she is also an excellent writer thanks to the themes she explores throughout her book! My children adored this book as did I! And I believe this is thanks to the original story that combines many poignant and entertaining themes and because it is easy to read. There is no use of complicated or technical words throughout the book; instead, it is written in an easy-to-read and flawless way that will captivate and alight young readers’ minds with amazement.

The story of Something Is Wrong With Simone itself is outstanding and full of a host of poignant themes and messages thanks to the exceptional author Nini Dagan. Dagan throughout her book explores many topics and themes throughout her book, and all these themes are perfectly weaved together into one mesmerizing read, and the result is a delightful book that all children should read or be read!

Something Is Wrong With Simone is exceptional, and the lucky reader of the book will be taken on an unforgettable and captivating journey. Something Is Wrong With Simone has to be one of the most insightful, incredible, and entertaining children’s books I have ever come across and will be a permanent book on my children’s bookshelf now!

To conclude my thoughts on this wonderful book, Something Is Wrong With Simone is an informative, moving, compelling, and entertaining children’s book that all children should read so I, of course, have to award this book a dazzling five stars! Be sure to have a read of the preview below book lovers, you won’t regret it!

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