Poisoned Arrow, Iris van Ooyen

Coming of Age

“How can you call what I have—what I did—a gift?” Raised in solitude to protect her from the world—or is it the other way around?—Iris is fated to save Fleuris from a power-hungry priest. A spirit from the afterworld sends a legendary magician who teaches Iris to master the devastating power lining her veins. Backed … Read more

Liberated from Silence, Tessa Jensen

Memoir & Biography

Shame stitched her mouth shut, abuse scalded her voice and religious manipulation taught her that unconditional love must be earned through self-inflicted torture. Tessa understood her failings before she knew her favorite color, “You’re too emotional, too sensitive, you look too much like your mother, and you’re a constant disappointment.” How exacting are the demands … Read more