The Road Unpaved, Risa August

1,845 miles. 41 days. 12 cyclists. 1 brain tumor named Bubba.

After a shocking diagnosis for a rare pituitary disease, and with her eighteen-year marriage in shambles, Risa’s life has fallen far from picture-perfect. Recovering from brain surgery and desperate to get back to her former self, she signs up for the bike tour of a lifetime-six weeks from Canada to Mexico on the Pacific Coast Highway.

The old Risa could have done the ride in her sleep, but for the new Risa, trapped in a body that no longer feels like her own and stuck in the company of her brain tumor, Bubba, the ride becomes a challenge unlike anything she’s ever faced.

As Risa pedals through rain, pain, and the ghosts of her memories, she wonders if the woman she once was will ever return or whether the new woman rising up in her place might just be the person she was meant to be all along.

A remarkable story of transformation and resilience, The Road Unpaved speaks to shifting gears to navigate life’s roadblocks and live a life without limits-a life fully unleashed.

The Road Unpaved is a poignant, moving, and inspirational memoir that will take readers on a thought-provoking journey while entertaining them at the same time. The Road Unpaved is written by author Risa August and August throughout The Road Unpaved will take her readers on a journey through her life and the pivotal moment and diagnosis that impacted it and how she found herself again. The journey the reader will encounter is upsetting at times but overall incredibly inspirational and her story will make you feel a host of different emotions from start to finish! That is why I already recommend this lovely book, however, if you need more convincing then continue to read to learn more!

Memoirs, combined with poignant themes are my favorite type of books to read. I adore memoirs because they give the reader insight into a person’s life and when the reader is granted this insight the reader can learn so much from their story, and many readers will be able to learn a lot from Risa August’s story in The Road Unpaved.

The Road Unpaved is an incredible book in which Risa August will openly share her life with us readers. In The Road Unpaved, Risa August shares how she embarked on a six-week bike tour from Canada to Mexico but Risa has a brain tumor so this is no easy feat. Risa shares how her life turned upside down thanks to her diagnosis and how her 18-year marriage started falling apart. The reader will follow Risa on her bike journey and how she tries to regain a part of herself that she lost and the outcome is a beautifully impactful story that shouldn’t be missed, and this book lovers is the short premise of the incredible The Road Unpaved!

The profoundness of The Road Unpaved is sensational, and many readers will feel a host of different emotions while reading this book. Risa August effortlessly inspires thoughts and feelings in her readers and compels them to read from beginning to end. I found myself reading The Road Unpaved at an alarming rate because it was captivating as well as absorbing; August’s incredible literature will have you turning the pages frantically, and I adored how she was able to do this.

Risa August is a remarkable person for two reasons; the first is because she is honest and brave to write her story, and the second is because she is an exceptionally talented author! August’s excellent writing is a joy to read and flows beautifully throughout so that the reader will feel compelled to read non-stop. The life lessons learned from August in The Road Unpaved will help readers better navigate through their own lives, and that is so beautiful to me because it is rare to come across a memoir that will not only entertain but also help readers.

Overall The Road Unpaved is an insightful, moving, inspiring book and that is why I of course have to award this book five stars! So be sure to have a read of the preview below book lovers, you won’t regret it!

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