Rise of the Avatar: Tip of the Spear, Jason Berkopes

Science Fiction & Space Opera

Imagine a future Earth 50 years after a third world war and multiple pandemics wiped out 90% of the Earth’s human population. Entire countries ceased to exist, total social breakdown. Just as humanity teetered on the edge of extinction, a company known for creating technology for protecting military combat vehicles releases a vaccine based on … Read more

Hidden From Our Eyes, James A Fisher

Science Fiction & Space Opera

AN AMERICA THAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN. From the beginning, Hidden From Our Eyes pulls you into a different North America where European colonization never happened and Native Americans thrive. This alternative history work of speculative fiction thrusts you into a fascinating ‘What If’ world from the viewpoint of an eighteen-year-old American. In 1976, Tom Hathaway … Read more

Extension, Melody Kepler

Science Fiction & Space Opera

Suffering from work-related anxiety makes life difficult, but what if your job involved a mission to rescue your entire world from extinction? Meet Ayathesti—compassionate, perfectionist, loner—the geneticist undergoing this stressful plight. With planet Naratu dying, the only thing keeping the Mujai people from extinction is aerosolizing gold into the atmosphere. The Council has identified a … Read more