A Warrior’s Path: Rise of a Legend, Gena Ervin

Action & Adventure, Children & Picture Book, Fantasy, Middle Grade

The Legend of The Originators, passed down throughout generations, foretells of a chosen few who have been preordained to save the lands from destruction, uniting humans and magical creatures once and for all. Hadrien, a young prince, has accidentally killed his older brother with his budding magic. With the recent death of his mother, he … Read more

Grubson Pug’s Christmas Voyage, Jane-Anne Hodgson

Children & Picture Book, Middle Grade

How far will Captain Grubson go to make this Christmas special? Grubson Pug, his crew of dogs, an arm-wrestling Siamese cat called Banzai and Marjorie the parrot set sail from St Benfro somewhere in the west of Wales, in search of Christmas presents for his demanding children. Desperate to hurry home by Christmas Eve, they … Read more

Charles Hurt Himself Playing: Broken Arm, Dr. Nicole Audet

Children & Picture Book, Middle Grade

Charles broke his arm after falling from a swing. With his magical doctor’s bag in hand, Felix took Charles to the hospital. Booboo and his team applied a cast on his arm. Read this story to learn the secret of broken bones healing. A family doctor wrote these picture books on diseases. There are 8 … Read more

Losing Normal, Francis Moss

Action & Adventure, Dystopian & Post Apocalyptic, Middle Grade, Science Fiction & Space Opera, Teen & Young Adult

Everyone we love, everything we know, is going away… and only an autistic boy can stop it. Alex knows exactly how many steps it takes to get from his home to Mason Middle School. This is normal. Alex knows the answers in AP math before his teacher does, which is also normal. Alex knows that … Read more

Stronger Than The Mountain, Michael Bozzo Jr.

Children & Picture Book, Middle Grade

Ever since she could remember, Little Boz hoped to explore and climb mountains all over the world. Her thoughts… her dreams… her whole life was focused on nothing but the mountains. She loved reading stories of great adventurers who would stop at nothing until they reached the highest mountain tops. This is her story! Stronger … Read more

Queen Vernita Conquers the Volcanic Islands, Dr. Dawn Menge

Action & Adventure, Middle Grade, Teen & Young Adult

The Queen of the Land of Quails is preparing to travel to the mysterious Volcanic Islands to meet twelve of her wonderful new friends. After she leaves her loyal subjects in charge of keeping her castle safe from harm for the next year, Queen Vermita boards a boat and heads out on her latest adventure. … Read more