A Step Into Darkness, Barb Shadow

Horror & Occult, Literature & Fiction, Supernatural & Paranormal

When paranormal investigator Jack Barnes pulled up in front of New Castle Asylum, he thought he knew what he was walking into…a typical, supposedly haunted, abandoned building. Easy to debunk and move on. What was waiting for him, however, was darker and more terrifying than he had ever imagined. An attack sends him reeling… As … Read more

The Bruja, Michael Molisani

Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Horror & Occult, Literature & Fiction

Decades have passed since the Collapse. Our world has twisted and twined into something unrecognizable. The ruination of civilization was compounded by a return of impossible powers, ancient myths and forgotten tales. Conjuring and cunning exist side by side and a dangerous, lascivious, new reality that is whispering its seductions to some whilst rending others … Read more

Master of Hounds, C. Steven Manley

Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Horror & Occult, Literature & Fiction

Clint Mercer is about to get a crash course in magic. After he barely survives an attack on the hospital where he works, Clint is quickly recruited by the brilliant but often unstable wizard, Arlo Dandridge. Working on behalf of the mysterious Pickman Institute, the two men soon find themselves in a race to recover … Read more

Shadow Play, Jill Ramsower

Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Horror & Occult, Literature & Fiction, Myth's & Legends

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger—if that’s the case, I better be badass by the time this is over. After two years at a dead-end job, Rebecca Peterson finally walks away from everything she knows to follow her dreams in Ireland. Instead of dreams, the dreary streets of Belfast rekindle her terrifying … Read more

My Supernatural Encounter with the Orange Being, Hayley Bi

Horror & Occult, Memoir & Biography, NonFiction, Religion & Spirtuality, Spirituality & Philosophy

Hayley Bi believes that sharing life experiences and what is beyond our consciousness can be powerful and healing not just for her, but also for others who may have a desire to do the same. In a collection of true stories, Bi begins by sharing several supernatural childhood experiences that included learning her sister was … Read more

Shadow of the Moon, Kwen D. Griffeth

Fantasy, Horror & Occult, Literature & Fiction, Romance

The grisly murder of a diplomat’s son in Central Park draw NYPD Detective Gerald Meeker and FBI Special Agent Andee Trakes into a twisted and confusing investigation. Within hours, the evidence indicates the man was executed in the manner saved for werewolves. Andee Trakes is assigned to liaison with a history professor, who is an … Read more

Down by the Sea: and Other Tales of Dark Destiny, Michelle Mellon

Anthology, Horror & Occult, Literature & Fiction, Novella & Short Story

This exceptional short story horror collection of spine-chillers follows the inevitable path travelled towards truth or justice, whether their own, or from the universe at large: A tough teen meets his match in an elderly woman who has been ridding the neighborhood of its thugs, one by one.  A repeat drunk driver is cursed to … Read more