Shadow of the Moon, Kwen D. Griffeth

Fantasy, Horror & Occult, Literature & Fiction, Romance

The grisly murder of a diplomat’s son in Central Park draw NYPD Detective Gerald Meeker and FBI Special Agent Andee Trakes into a twisted and confusing investigation. Within hours, the evidence indicates the man was executed in the manner saved for werewolves. Andee Trakes is assigned to liaison with a history professor, who is an … Read more

Down by the Sea: and Other Tales of Dark Destiny, Michelle Mellon

Anthology, Horror & Occult, Literature & Fiction, Novella & Short Story

This exceptional short story horror collection of spine-chillers follows the inevitable path travelled towards truth or justice, whether their own, or from the universe at large: A tough teen meets his match in an elderly woman who has been ridding the neighborhood of its thugs, one by one.  A repeat drunk driver is cursed to … Read more

Ageless: The Eerie Chronicles, S. Ghali

Fantasy, Horror & Occult, Literature & Fiction, Science Fiction & Space Opera, Teen & Young Adult

A beautiful lie is better than living with an awful truth… Evelyn Whitmore, nearly seventeen-year-old, always knew that her extraordinary abilities of creating life from her skin and much more will also be her undoing.  But still, she lived the illusion of an ordinary life in Cleaven Hill, England, where she could love her family, … Read more

The Snowtiger’s Trail, Watson Davis

Fantasy, Horror & Occult, Literature & Fiction, Magic & Sword and Sorcery

Welcome to Windhaven and the Wrath of the Wizard-King! A deposed Wizard-king leads his ragged band of followers to the last town before the Far Waste and hides there from his vengeful queen while building an army to re-take his rightful kingdom. A regular army won’t do for the Wizard-king. He needs something deadlier, something … Read more

Eternal Chronicles: Vampire, The Chronicler

Horror & Occult, Literature & Fiction, Myth's & Legends, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

In a long forgotten time, when the world was covered in ice and snow, there was a tribe of hard willed people. In this tribe, there lived a young boy, who would find his life changed after a great calamity struck the tribe. Buried for eons, Ulfvaldr had become the first vampire, he who would … Read more

Monstrous, J.L. Murray

Fantasy, Horror & Occult, Literature & Fiction

Frankie Mourning died on a Thursday. Then she came back. Tasked with killing the killers – people with the blood of Cain running through their veins – Frankie always gets her villain. But this time it’s different. This time she has to go home. Something strange is happening in Helmville, Montana. People are dying at … Read more

The Sounds of Silence are the Loudest, Cortina Jackson

Fantasy, Horror & Occult, Literature & Fiction, Murder & Crime, Supernatural & Paranormal, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

An unusual amount of children are abducted. He knows where they are. He knows what happened. He knows what he did. The eyes of God were watching him, and now you get to see him as well. Barrel down a terrifying path of the birth, rearing, and life of a serial killer. His influence helped … Read more