Finding Evie, Catina Noble

Coming of Age

I’m sure we all must have told ourselves, at least once while growing up, that life couldn’t possibly get worse. As Rod Serling, host of the ancient TV show, *The Twilight Zone*, actually never said, “Imagine if you will,” being the eldest female child in a family with no parenting. Imagine being “Mommy” to a … Read more

Trine Rising, C.K. Donnelly

Coming of Age

Not all gifts are blessings…Sixteen-summer-old Mirana Pinal is one of the few to have ever possessed all three magical powers of the Aspects. She has terrifying visions, however, that if she wields her powers, her homeland of Kinderra will be destroyed—through her. Desperate to keep her dark fate from unfolding, she tells no one about … Read more

Sandstorm, Samantha Mattocks

Coming of Age

Lovable rogue, and top Arabian horse trainer, Arjan Vermeulen seems to have it all. He lives in a grand three-hundred-year-old house set in fifty acres, runs a famed training centre for Arabian horses, and for eight years has been dating beautiful fellow trainer Rin Risley. They make a glamorous and successful couple. Sienna Stevens is … Read more