Moraturi Lost, Marti Ward

Science Fiction & Space Opera

When you’re 2.5 million lightyears from any other help, you can’t afford people who only have single skill… 20-year-old Veterinary Nurse/Trainee Medical Officer Eva Hughes is junior officer on SS Moraturi, transporting 500 colonists to New Eden. Eva’s responsibility is the domestic and farm animals they are bringing, but she is working towards qualifying as … Read more

Apophis, Raj Anand

Science Fiction & Space Opera

January, 2022: A dark monstrous apparition – Apophis – feverishly races past the expanse of the Milky Way galaxy and bolts to the edge of the solar system. Recklessly accelerating, this sinister twin-headed asteroid continues its inebriated journey to soon rain a resolute chaos upon Earth.Five ancient philosophers reincarnated (nine years earlier) in different cities … Read more

Chronomancer and the Time God: Death of a Paradise, James J. Meadows III

Magic & Sword and Sorcery

More than a millennium since the God Wars ended, the world of Zarethea remains a battle ground. Aleister, a young sorcerer from the magical kingdom of Mystas, finds himself tasked with saving a world still torn asunder by discordant, warring theocracies. The Chronomancer, a mysterious sorcerer of unknown origin, threatens to plunge the world into … Read more

Piss & Vinegar, Sam Sumac

Humor & Satire

When the twenty-three Altoonian spaceships arrive at Earth, they not only shatter the shaky peace of the place, they thrust Vice President James Fenimore Hunter into a role he may not be ready for. While the aliens keep saying they’ve come in peace, the real reasons and the real costs are more than the vice … Read more