Watching, Jeffrey Jay Levin

Science Fiction & Space Opera

After watching a documentary about a 50-year-old unsolved crime, an otherwise ordinary guy finds himself both blessed and burdened by the ability to travel through time and space, but not in the physical sense, and only as it may relate to that unsolved crime. Braving the debilitating physical effects of his space time continuum journeys, … Read more

Plowman: Harvest of Grain and Innocence, Charles Bruckerhoff

Thriller & Psychological Thriller

At twelve, Stella Young and Hana Sanada enrolled in the Stanton Academy for Humanity, where learning was hard, built character, imparted truth, justice, and morality for America’s youth. Students retitled the school Sustainable Farming on Steroids. One day, the girls discovered the wartime journals of their two great-grandfathers, who served in WWII, and a wartime … Read more