You Aren’t Depression’s Victim, Debra Atlas

Self-Help & Motivational

You Aren’t Depression’s Victim, a departure from Debra Atlas’s usual journalistic writing, is designed to be uplifting and empowering. Have you ever wondered if you had a choice when faced with depression? We often think we must automatically fall into the depression pit, that there’s no other option. But what if you could see and … Read more

Adelyn’s Adventure in the Garden, Charles E Bruckerhoff

Children & Picture Book

In the second book of Adelyn’s Adventures, a little girl chooses to explore the garden her grandparents plant every year. She meets different creatures, each doing its duties for Mother Nature. Ruby, a perky hummingbird, flies in and out of the garden, while fighting off other hummers. A garden spider mends her web after an … Read more