Conga Line on the Amazon: And Other Tales of Adventure Travel , David Myles Robinson

Travel & Travel Guide

David Myles Robinson was eight years old when he first got hooked on travel. Since then, he’s seen most of the world—all its continents plus, he laments, “far too many places where travel is now off-limits.”After a lifetime of visiting near and far, in heat and in cold, in comfort and in danger, Robinson has … Read more

Never be the Same, A. Aubry


Briella Roberts is unhappily engaged. She lost the love and romance that was in her relationship years ago and she needed an escape. A girls trip to Los Angeles seemed like it would do the trick. Until she meets Jameson Barnes. Jameson Barnes is a playboy. He should have been off limits when Briella met … Read more

The Chosen Seven, Gill D. Anderson

Action & Adventure, Espionage & Conspiracy, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

FARZAD ABED is an unhinged Iranian immigrant living in Australia. His sociopathic tendencies coupled with his political views make him a very dangerous man indeed. Farzad wants the world to sit up and take notice of him and randomly selects six bystanders to hold hostage at a city restaurant. JACOB BROWN is a fitness fanatic … Read more