Del Mar, John E. Riddle

Thriller & Psychological Thriller

The year is 2020, and COVID-19 has infected the world. There is rioting and looting all across America. The economy is crashing. The FBI and CIA leadership are corrupt. The new President needs someone he can trust. How about someone really intelligent? Perhaps a millionaire genius in business. Maybe a professor at a top University? … Read more

I Did It for Us, Alison Bruce

Murder & Crime, Mystery & Suspense, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

“From the first time I saw them together I knew it felt wrong. I didn’t like the way he touched her or the self-conscious way he played with Molly and Luke. Joanne saw none of it of course. So I did it to prove to her that she was wrong. I did it for us.” … Read more

The Cerberus Affair, Charlotte Valentine

Thriller & Psychological Thriller

Catherine Preston, an ex-investigative journalist, vows to expose those responsible for the death of her friend, a UK junior health minister tipped for Cabinet promotion. His wife believes he was murdered, although officialdom insists he died of natural causes. Catherine finds herself drawn into a sinister web of corporate corruption and murder, and into the … Read more

The Innocent Killing, D.R. Bailey

Gay & Lesbian Fiction, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

Bernadette Mackenna, top criminal barrister in Dublin. Faced with two challenges, one professional, one personal. A kidnapper killed by his victim. The victim is charged with murder. Bernadette wonders if she really can get her acquitted. The victim is hiding something, it’s going to take all Bernadette’s skill to get her to tell. Even then … Read more

In The Country Dark, Mike Mallow

Thriller & Psychological Thriller

Darkness is everywhere. It lurks just below the surface, waiting to rear its ugliness, even in small serene West Virginia communities. The darkness of murder and drugs puts a disenchanted journalist and recently reunited childhood friend in the crosshairs of a reclusive rural crime lord. The unlikely pair, navigating a trail of past traumas, broken … Read more

The Enigma Factor, Breakfield and Burkey

Thriller & Psychological Thriller

Jacob Michaels, computer network security-tester extraordinaire, tries to settle into a quiet life of work to polish his technology skills after the death of his mother. Cyber-criminals are hunting for new victims when they target the brilliant programmer to try to seduce into joining their cause. More people are hunting him than just the Russian … Read more